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Guide for Buying A 7mm Acoustical Absorber For Your Car


Every car has unique needs when it comes to the installation of an acoustic sheet like the 7mm acoustical absorber. It is essential to understand what material you’re installing to know which one will work best. For instance, if you drive a diesel truck, fiberglass isn’t going to help much with noise reduction. Diesel trucks may benefit from a truck or van acoustical kit, as these are designed to handle the low frequencies of a heavy-duty engine revving.

What is an Acoustic Absorber?
An acoustic absorber is a non-permanent soundproofing material that helps to reduce noise inside your car. These are molded into different shapes, sizes, shapes, and colors. Some are made from fiberglass, particleboard or machine-made materials.

The purpose of a 7mm acoustic absorber is to absorb vibration, therefore creating a quieter environment inside the passenger compartment of your car. Acoustic foam can be used for this process, as well as other non-permanent solutions. You can also opt for a soundproofing material that is made out of more durable materials.

Using an acoustic foam or board will work for window vibrations. However, they cannot effectively absorb engine noise. When building your car’s interior, consider adding acoustic foam to the inner doors for improved ride quality.

How does an Acoustic Absorber work?
The difference between excellent acoustic foam and one that people consider exceptional is how they work in your car. While the difference is in the soundproofing solution, it mainly depends on how well they absorb vibrations.

There are four different ways to absorb vibration in an acoustical foam or board:
1. Vibrational dampening or absorption.
2. Vibrational buffering: This helps to prevent overloading when placed over one surface, especially with heavy objects like the engine bay of your car.
3. Vibrational isolation: This keeps two objects apart, such as the car door and the frame to prevent noise transfer.
4. Structural damping or vibration suppression.

Visiting a professional acoustical installer can help you to understand which material will work well for your car. The main goal is to help you drive down your car’s noise level so that you can drive in peace without all the noise pollution around you.

What is the ideal size of an acoustic absorber?

Understand that the choice of the ideal size is based on the limitations of your interior. For instance, if your car has a high roofline, you will need to buy a 7mm acoustical absorber that can cover it. When planning for your car’s interior, also pay attention to the length of the cabin and whether or not there are protruding parts like headliners or doors. However, the ideal thickness of an acoustic absorber should be 8-10 mm for car doors.

Why use Acoustic Absorbers in cars?

Why do you need an acoustic sheet? This is the question that will be asked many times while installing one’s own car’s interior. The main reason people buy 7mm acoustical absorbers is to reduce noise pollution generated while driving your car. There are many benefits of using acoustic foam for your car, central air conditioning. Air-conditioned vehicles are much quieter when compared to other vehicles. This is because the compressor of an ac unit is located inside your car’s engine compartment.

If you care about your comfort while driving, then you should opt for an acoustic absorber. These are relatively inexpensive and will decrease noise levels to improve road trips and long drives.

Another reason people install acoustic foam for their cars is the heat generated by the engine bay. The radiator’s heat is usually trapped inside the car’s body, thus creating an uncomfortable environment for the driver.

People also choose the 7mm acoustical absorber because of privacy. If you’ve ever drive pass a busy street, you probably noticed the noise created by the cars passing by. This constant noise can be solved by installing acoustic foam or board to your car’s interior panels.

Another reason why people install acoustic absorbers is because of road noise. Studies have proven that cars with a deadened ride are the most comfortable to drive in. These types of cars also have better gas mileage due to reducing weight by using lightweight materials for exterior panels.

This soundproofing material is inexpensive and easily installed into just about any vehicle, especially if it’s already assembled. It’s best if you match the color of your car’s interior to avoid chances of being noticed.


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