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Four Mistakes to Avoid For the First-Time Homebuyers


Buying a new home is a long-term investment and perhaps the biggest investment of one’s life. This is because it must be taken wisely. Still, many home buyers commit mistakes and regret later. As one of the long beach realty companies, we talked to many home buyers and concluded the six major mistakes that most buyers have made, so you can avoid those mistakes while purchasing a new home in LA.

  • Searching for a home without applying for a mortgage– Instead of falling in love with your dream home, ensure you are pre-approved for a mortgage. Otherwise, you can lose the property. Even many real estate companies do not entertain the buyers who don’t have a pre-approved mortgage. Having a pre-approved mortgage sends a message that you are serious homebuyers, and the builder will show you the best properties that suit your needs.
  • Talking to one only one lender– Most probably, the first-time homeowners get a mortgage from the one first lender or bank they approach. But you can lose big money. Maybe, if you look around with at least five different lenders and compare rates, lender fees, and mortgage terms, you are likely to get a better deal in the end.
  • Buying the home that you cannot afford– It is easy to fall in love with your dream home that may go over budget. Since the home prices are soaring, it is important to stick close to your set budget. Buying a home more than what you can afford can lead to tough financial times. Expensive the home is higher than the monthly instalment is, which will disturb your monthly budget. Instead, focus on what monthly payments you can afford.
  • Miscalculating the hidden costs of homeownership– Buying a home that you can afford is perhaps not enough. You will also need a budget for the additional costs, including closing costs, property taxes, insurance, utilities, maintenance, and HOA. These additional costs come along with the homeownership. So, you cannot afford to overlook these additional costs.


These are the common mistakes that must be avoided for first-time homebuyer programs in Long Beach, CA. Buying property in Long Beach, California, is a big decision that must be taken, keeping all aspects into consideration. Hence, hire the best real estate agent near your location to search for the best residential property in LA easily.


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