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Fireplace Inspection: A Comprehensive Guide


Nothing is better than sitting around a fireplace in the winter and feeling warm and cozy. But that happened to you; when was the last time you inspected and swept the chimney? The fireplace needs to be cleaned regularly to get the most out of the fireplace and keep the fireplace running safely.

Like your other electronic devices, the gas log fireplace is also a mechanical device and needs regular maintenance and replacement. Components can and could be worn out, especially while you use the hearth during durations of no need for excessive use within a year. In this situation, you must find a fireplace inspection in charlotte to avoid any unnecessary hardels.

Valve and fuel line connections are wherein the maximum risky leaks can occur. Professional experts help you to find the exact condition of your fireplace. If you are looking for Gas log replacement in Charlotte, NC, you can search it online and with the best deal.

On any occasion those troubles might also arise, the most secure step you could take is show off the fuel line fireside and speak to an expert for assistance. We need to discover the remaining issue that you’ve positioned yourself and your private home and your circle of relatives at an exquisite risk!

What if I don’t get the fireplace inspected?

If you don’t get a routine inspection and sweeping for your fireplace, you are putting yourself at risk of fireplace fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. Bean sprouts, creosote, and tar build up can prevent smoke leaks and cause a fire.

Fireplace inspection in Charlotte at regular intervals can prevent you from these situations.

These are few signs that your fireplace needs to be checked and cleaned:

    • Oil stains on the walls of the fireplace:

The black oily stains on the fireplace walls are tar-like substances called creosote. This substance can accumulate in the upper part of the chimney and limit airflow. Poor airflow causes smoke and makes your fireplace glass blackened and unclear.

Hard-to-burn fire:

If the fireplace does not ignite, the chimney may be clogged, or the chimney damper may be defective. These problems can prevent a fire from getting enough oxygen to burn properly.

The smell from the fireplace:

Creosote smells like a campfire and can penetrate the entire home. The odor is annoying and indicates that the soot in the chimney has accumulated to dangerous levels.

Animals in the chimney:

Animal nests block the airflow in the chimney and can ignite, when burning firewood in the fireplace. Bird’s nests are most often at the top of the chimney and cover the vents. Squirrels are also known to nest in chimneys.

Smoke does not rise from the chimney:

If you notice that the chimney isn’t emitting smoke as before, it may be time to clean the chimney. There should be a flow of air down the chimney, but a layer of creosote can stop working.

Maintaining a fire is difficult.

Fire requires oxygen, but dirty chimneys can make it difficult for the wood to get the air. This could have happened due to blockage in the chimney chase pan. It is required for protection against snow, rain, and any unwanted element from entering the chimney and allows only a gas pipe to exit the flame.

The chase pan should have cross breaks which will shed all the water off the top of the chimney. If the chase pan of the fireplace is not working properly or has broken due to harsh weather conditions, you can replace it with a Chase pan replacement service provided by a professional in Charlotte NC.

Chimney soot falls from the chimney:

If chimney soot or creosote falls from the chimney onto a tree, it indicates a problem with the accumulation of creosote, and the chimney needs to be cleaned.

Chimney dampers have black creosote deposits:

If you notice your hands turn black when you open the flaps, it’s time to clean the chimney.

These signs are relatively easy to identify, but the next step is to take steps to ensure the professional fireplace inspection is done on time to keep your home safe from fire damage. Professional Fireplace inspection in Charlotte, NC, could be the best solution to your problem. Plan your chimney inspection and cleaning now to overcome the spring rush!


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