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Finding the Right Frame for Spectacles!


There is hardly any more difficult job than finding the perfect frame for your spectacles; if you cannot function without spectacles, then all the more challenging for you! Of course, you can buy cheap spectacle frames onlineand yet it will not be perfect unless it fits you correctly!

Therefore, you should take two things into account for the ideal frame: it should fit with your facial structure and look visibly pleasing. Otherwise, you might end up with uncomfortable glasses that appear odd on your face.

When you buy designer eyeglass frames online, there are a few things you can keep in mind. They will ensure that you avail the best frames to bring out the best in you!

Pay attention to the bridge.

The bridge in frames refers to the distance between the lenses. Since this area will be supporting your lenses, it is recommendable that you put focus on it. Some structures have nose pads.

If the frame you are buying has those, then the immediate fitting is not your concern. The nose pads can be used to tighten or loosen it. However, frames without adjustable nose pads,  will require focus on the correct fittings from the very beginning! The things to check out are:

  • The frame bridge should have an even distribution across your nose. A crooked frame might leave you uncomfortable.
  • If there is a large gap on the sides, then the chances are to put more pressure on the bridge. Since most pressure is concentrated there, it is recommendable to keep it as lightweight as possible. Inappropriate balancing can make the frame slide down your nose and cause a disturbance.
  • Some space at the top of the bridge is perfect. Otherwise, the frame might get too tight and look smaller as compared to your face.

Careful with the frame width!

The frame width refers to the distance between temples and the frame’s arms that go all the way behind your ears. Having a more expansive space can lead to a loose frame, while too compact will result in an extremely tight frame. It is highly recommendable to avoid these extremities. 

Whenever you buy designer eyeglass frames online, it is always recommendable to take proper measurements of your face beforehand. Since most orders are given from homes without a professional, you need to enter the correct measurements yourself.  

One of the best ways to check for perfect compatibility is to try inserting your index finger between the frame’s arm and your temple. If it goes right in, that means your frame is loose for you! However, there is no way of checking that for frames online. Hence, it is recommendable to purchase from those websites only which have a refund policy.

Most people who wish to buy cheap spectacle frames online often find themselves stuck with the wrong frame because the e-commerce site would not provide refunds! Thus, it is recommendable to check out the websites’ policies beforehand.

The length of the arms

The frame’s arms are as essential as the other features. Ideally, experts recommend a length of 140 to 150 mm for adults. If the arms are too short, they cannot be bent adequately behind the ears to fit correctly. Otherwise, the frame might slip downwards and have wayward movements.

There are some frames in which the arms do not bend, but they go straight and then bowed. These styles are pretty standard with sports eye wear frames or sunglasses. They have the appearance of hugging your head.

There is nothing called “better than the other” in terms of frame’s arm structure, but it is advisable to opt for those you are comfortable with.

When you are buying designer eyeglass frames online, it is recommendable to know your exact measurements and power beforehand.

It will be better to have the current prescription records or sufficient knowledge regarding what will work best for you.

If this is your first frame with powered glasses, it is advisable to physically visit a store to know your correct measurements. From your second frame onward, you can purchase them online.

However, if you want to wear something only for the trend and make a style statement, you will also need to take care of the visual aesthetics.

Usually, most people look for buying cheap spectacle frames from online stores when they merely wish to apply them as a prop. But here is something you should remember: you will need something that looks good yet fits! Otherwise, it can mar the entire aesthetics.

Moreover, when you are purchasing any designer eyeglass frame, it is recommendable to go for simple yet elegant designs. Don’t go for designs that have extensive designs or those which look too cluttered. Going simple is often the best way to be!


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