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Find out the five reasons why you need a Property Damage Inspector


People often come across many difficulties when they file an insurance claim. The insurance companies have several procedures to go through so that you can get a claim. People are often not aware of multiple clauses and sub-clauses that the insurance company attaches to the guidelines of filing the claim. Therefore, many people hire Property Damage Inspectors.

A Property Damage Inspector is commonly known as a public adjuster, and they help the insurance claimants get the excellent value of their damages. To become a public adjuster, you need to have a license from the state you function in. Different states have different requirements to get the permit for the public adjuster. They also function as Emergency Restoration experts.

If people live in a state prone to natural disasters like lightning, hailstorms, wildfire, flood, and cyclones. It is vital to have a public adjuster. There can be many reasons for it, like, it is difficult to claim insurance for property damages due to lightning power surge. Many insurance companies come up with many reasons to disprove the claim. In cases like this, it is vital to have a public adjuster. Other than this, there are many benefits of hiring a public adjuster. Some of the benefits are mentioned below-

A public adjuster explains the policy to you.

As mentioned earlier, many people find it difficult to understand insurance policies and their implications. They often get irritated if they are unable to comprehend the procedure while claiming insurance money. Public Adjusters help explain the insurance policy to you in detail. They explain the company’s different damage coverage, partial and complete coverage, step-by-step filing process, and documentation requirements. The adjusters help you comprehend the implications of other clauses and how you can get the right money.

A public adjuster is a time-saving option.

Public adjusters are experts in what they do and are well versed with almost all the policies of different insurance companies. They also know the step-by-step process of managing and filing the claims. So, when house owners plan to hire public adjusters, then they are investing in saving time. Once you sign the contract with the public adjuster, they take over the responsibility of filing the claim. They also negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf to get the right claim money.

A public adjuster fights for your rights

Insurance companies pose many complications and threats to homeowners, especially when the claim amount is significant. They don’t easily let go of the money. Most times, policyholders get less money than they deserve because of the multiple terms they are unfamiliar with. So, it is always wise to hire public adjusters who correct arguments to make a fair deal. They use the facts and policies to fight for the right of policyholders.

A public adjuster builds an inventory list.

House owners often find it challenging to build an inventory list to claim the insurance amount. Sometimes, house owners include the item in the list that are not damaged, and sometimes they forget to add the damaged items to the list. The public adjusters help the residents in asking for an inventory list and estimating the total loss incurred. Then they classify the list into partially covered items and completely covered entities. The list and estimates help the house owners and public adjusters represent a more robust case and file a good claim.

A public adjuster collects the evidence.

A public adjuster often visits your house or the damaged property twice. The first visit helps them estimate the gravity of damage, looking for the floor layouts to calculate the furniture loss. If it is a hailstorm, they measure the size of the hail. The second visit helps the public adjuster collect the evidence and click pictures of the proof of the damages. They take clear photos and draft evidence statements that will be submitted to the insurance company.


Public adjusters are experts in their field, and they have different expertise. Some are Emergency Restoration expertswhile others are smoke damage consultants. Depending on the need, you can hire public adjusters. They charge affordable prices and offer loads of services that protect your rights as a policyholder.


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