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Find All About Different Types of Incense And Their Materials.

Bolivian Rock Powder Incense in Florida


Incense is widely popular for odorizing the house or workplace. It is used by aromatherapists, yoga, and meditation experts. Though people love the scent in different parts of the world, they know very little about incense. There are many kinds of incense, and a variety of other materials are used for making incense.

Incense is an amalgamation of flowers, plants, and essential oils used to make a biological material that releases a sweet fragrance and has a calming effect on burning. The term “Incense” has derived from the Latin word “incendere,” which means “to burn” in English. Many Asian cultures use incense to complete rituals on auspicious occasions and funerals. There are two methods for burning incense- direct and indirect burning incense. Different types of incense are suitable for direct or indirect burning. Some of the popular types of incense are mentioned below-

1.) The famous Incense sticks

Whenever someone says incense, the first image that pops up in our mind is incense sticks. It is a part of many Asian cultures, like Chinese, Japanese, and Tibetan. They lit the incense sticks near the shrines. Every nation has its version of the incense stick, like Indians use bamboo-based incense sticks and dhoops. Some other incense sticks included Joss sticks from china, Dhoop from India and Tibet, and Senko Sticks from Japan. The incense sticks are one of the most popular direct burning incenses.

2.) The spiritual cone incenses

One can use cone incense in areas that are dedicated to yoga, meditation, and spiritual healing. The incense cone is preferred over incense stick because you can spread aroma in the room by letting one or two incense cones. Therapeutic plants and other materials are used to make incense cones. You need to have a proper incense stand and burn the incense cones as the ashes might damage your furniture or the carpet.

3.) The favorite Incense Powder

Incense powders like Bolivian Rock Powder Incense have gained popularity among Americans. There are many reasons for using Bolivian Rock Powder Incense,like many medicinal plants, flowers, and essential oils blended to Make the Powder incense. It promotes spiritual healing and mental peace while acting as an odorizer.

4.) The reliable incense coils

Incense is also known for keeping insects at bay, and they have to burn for 24 hours. The coils do not have a bamboo base and are shaped in circular coils that can be easily stuck on the coil stand. In some shrine visits to China Town, you can also find the hanging incense coil.

Know all about the top 3 incense materials

Incense powder and sticks are different from other odorizing materials like pocket room fresheners or room fresheners spray because of the materials used for making the incense. People prefer to buy Bolivian Rock Powder Incense in Florida because it has comparatively more organic materials like flowers. Some of the famous materials used to make incense are mentioned below-

1.) The Sandalwood

Sandalwood is considered one of the sacred plants in India. It has a refreshing fragrance and earthy touch to it. Sandalwood is widely used to bring tranquility to the person. Once you lit the sandalwood incense, you can feel the positivity spreading through the air. It is believed to safeguard you from any negative influence. People usually burn sandalwood incense while meditating, performing a holy ritual, seeking tranquility, or getting rid of bad headaches.

2.) The Lavender

Lavender is one of the flowers likely to be found in many types of incense. You can find lavender incense or lavender mixed with other beneficial herbs and essential oils. The incense powder with lavender as one of the materials is used for odorizing the house. Lavender has a sweet and refreshing fragrance that is not overpowering. It is mainly used for healing purposes and in aromatherapy. Lavender helps in fighting anxiety and depression. It also helps in a peaceful sleep as it calms the nerves and mind.

3.) The Cinnamon

Cinnamon sticks are also used for making incense as they spread a feeling of warmth and protection in the people. It also uplifts the mood, and sometimes the cinnamon incense acts as a romance booster. The cinnamon fragrance is sweet, and it does not feel overpowering as it blends in the environment.


One can choose the different types of incense they need based on the need and requirement. Some people love incense sticks, while others love incense powder, so it is a game of choices. If you are looking to buy incense powder with many suitable raw materials and blends, then you can opt for Bolivian Rock Powder Incense in Florida.


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