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Exploring the Merger of Art Deco Designs with Precious Gemstones

Burma sapphire ring

Gemstones are renowned for their beauty, value, and uniqueness. They have managed to hold humanity captivated for centuries with their bespoke properties, fascinating benefits, and even their spiritual significance. There are several myths and stories connected to gemstones.

Some people believe accessories like the Burma sapphire ring have remarkable healing abilities and can regulate energy. The four most popular gemstones are diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. Each of them has specific defining properties, colors, and shapes.

The Burma Sapphire

Blue sapphires are among the most popular gemstones and are known for their deep, royal blue colors and elegance. The term “sapphire” comes from the Greek term “sappheiros,” meaning “blue.” Records suggest that the stone has been considered valuable even in ancient times.

Mythologies and even history tell us that the stone was cherished and valued by the Greek and Roman royalty even in the middle ages. Archaeologists discovered that kings and queens of the ancient Roman culture believed that the blue sapphire could guard them against enemies and other harm.


Burma is one of the most renowned producers of blue sapphires and rubies. The Burmese sapphire is noted for its deep blue color and a bright shine and used for hoebenesque jewelry as well.

Quality and Value

Until recently, jewelry experts considered Burma sapphires to be of a lower quality than other sapphires. Other sapphires like the Kashmir sapphire were considered much more valuable than the Burma sapphire. Jewelers and traders started recognizing Burmese sapphires for their true beauty and value in the early ’90s. A member of the corundum family, the blue sapphire is considered an important symbol of healing.

Physical Properties 

The Burma blue sapphire is known for its hardness and its saturation. The stone is highly durable and scores a solid 9 on the Moh’s hardness scale. The only stone that has a higher score is the diamond. It is typically cut in oval or round shapes to be fixed or embedded in rings, necklaces, or other jewelry.

Spiritual Significance

Alternate healers and collectors believe that the blue sapphire has healing properties. Ancient Romans regarded the blue sapphire as the stone of vision, insight, and awareness.

According to Hindu mythologies, the stone can open the third eye, allowing the users to access inner wisdom and spiritual awakening. New age healing enthusiasts also assert that the blue sapphire can protect users from the impact of negative energy and attract financial prosperity.

What to Know Before Buying a Burma Blue Sapphire Ring

The blue sapphire is associated with feelings of loyalty, integrity, honesty, and devotion. This association has made the stone a popular choice for engagement rings. Sapphires are the birthstone of people born in September and are used in rings for people of Taurus and Virgo zodiac signs.

The Burma sapphire ring is less costly than Kashmir blue sapphire rings and Australian blue sapphire rings. They feature a bright blue color. While several stores and jewelers are selling blue sapphire rings online, there are a few things you need to consider before buying a Burma Blue sapphire ring.

The Four C’s

Clarity, color, cut, and carat is the four C’s of the gemstone world. The Burma blue sapphire features a more pooping shade of deep blue. While the stone is easily distinguishable in physical jewelry stores, you may want to be extra careful when buying from an online store.

The size of the stone is not more important than the clarity of the stone or the weight of the stone. The weight is measured in carats. Read up the description to ensure that you invest in a high-quality stone worth the money. The cut is another crucial factor to consider. A well-cut Burma sapphire ring is more expensive than an uncut one.

The Metal Band

Burma sapphires are most commonly used in silver bands and platinum bands. Before buying the ring, ensure that the band is made of strong, durable metal that can easily hold the stone’s weight and not bend or dent easily.

hoebenesque jewelry

The Burma blue sapphire is similar to Ceylon and Australian blue sapphires in terms of weight. If other gemstones like diamonds are integrated into the ring, you may want to ensure that the band can carry additional weight.


Authentic dealers and jewelers are bound to give you a lab certificate when purchasing the Burma blue sapphire ring. Avoid investing in uncertified gemstones since they may have issues with clarity, purity, and cut. Possessing a certificate will also turn out to be helpful if you plan on selling the ring.

Buy From a Reputed Jeweler

It is vital to assess the jeweler’s reputation and goodwill, especially if you are buying the ring online. Find out if the jeweler has all the necessary licenses and certificates required to be a seller of precious gemstones. Also, analyze if former customers are happy with the quality and value of the Burma blue sapphire ring.


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