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Exactly what type of dumpster do you need?


A dumpster is a large container where you dispose of items no longer required. Whether you are into construction, requiring a huge amount of space to temporarily store debris and tons of stone and dirt, or you’re a home owner looking to doing some serious clean-up, there are different kinds of dumpsters, all service distinct needs.

What largely determines the type of dumpster you will use, is the tonnage of your junk. The size is everything. A huge job will require a large dumpster, with frequent pickups to empty the can as soon as it is filled up. A one-day cleaning will most likely require a scheduled one-time pickup rental service.

Commercial Dumpsters

These kinds of dumpsters are small sized cans that are used by restaurants, gas stations and other public outlets. Ranging anywhere from 4 to 6 yards, these small dumpsters usually serve as garbage cans, needing to be frequently emptied.

Roll-Off Dumpsters

These refer to the larger dumpsters employed mostly in construction, or in the disposal of very large quantities of garbage. These large cans can be up to 40 yards in size, with their status as movable-type enabling a synchronization with larger hauling trucks. The roll-off dumpsters can be either loaded on to the trucks to be taken to the dumpsite, or have their contents emptied into a larger bin.

Construction activities, remodeling, renovations and landscaping are some of the most common avenues for the use of roll-off dumpsters. Because of their large sizes, they can hold tons of debris or junk at a time, meaning that they can go for longer than regular commercial dumpsters before they need to be disposed.

Pricing for junk removal

This usually tends to vary, depending on location, as well as the total volume of the junk. US median pricing is about one hundred dollars for the smaller jobs. It is therefore important to consider pricing and finances when considering trash dumpster rental prices Bennington County Vermont. The pickups are just as important as the trash dumpsters themselves.

Factors determining the prices for dumpster rental

There are a number of factors to consider when you look at pricing option for trash dumpsters, some of which are highlighted below:

  • By far the single most important determinant is the size of your junk. If your establishment, or residence generates a large amount of garbage daily, or weekly, you might be looking to spending hundreds of dollars to acquire the services of the correct dumpster rental service that will provide you not only with the exact container size that you require, but also scheduled pickups; the frequency of which will be determined by your total volume
  • The type of garbage is also a significant factor for consideration. If your trash is mostly organic items such as food leftovers, you might be looking at a smaller, less pricey rental. Again, sheer volume comes into play: the more complex the material, the more weight it possesses and by extension, volume. Items such as metal, stone and rock would undoubtedly require larger dumpster containers, as opposed to lighter junk and soft garbage.
  • Rental duration: The total duration of the rental is again determined by the volume of the work. For larger construction activities that could sometimes extend into weeks, or even months, such a rental is guaranteed to be very pricey indeed, involving large, sometimes multiple dumpster containers, and the equivalent rental service. Pickups are more frequent too, contributing to an increase in overall pricing. Smaller cleanings and renovations would require anywhere between a day’s rental, to a 7-day rental. Trash would have to be emptied at dumpsites for the duration of the job, or project.

The question of estimation, and quantity

Another key consideration in the area of pricing is the above stated. Whether or not to plan for excess or a deficit. Since these activities are hardly ever planned well in advance, it is incredibly difficult to estimate just how much junk or garbage will be the output of the spring cleaning or the renovation as the case may be. For simple needs such as trash disposal, estimation needs not be overly complex.______ Here, the rental of a dumpster need not be overly exact.

With larger volumes of trash, however, it could be argued that more is better than less. A 20-yard trash dumpster rental is more cost effective than a smaller sized one, in cases where there is a surplus (as is almost always the case).


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