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Everything You Need to Know About Roof Scupper

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Your roof is one of the essential parts of your home, and it’s a drainage system. If your roof were to have a leak or any issues, the first concern would be water damage. To avoid that scenario, you need to make sure that you have an efficient drainage system in your place. 

You should consider getting scuppers and traditional roof drains installed by professional roof cleaners, which can also add value to your home in other ways. Moreover, you can buy a copper scupper box online for your roof. Roof scuppers are used to channel water away from the roof of the building. 

What is a Roof Scupper?

A roof scupper is a drainage system generally covered in a metal sheet that allows water to drain through an opening in the roof edge. A scupper and a roof drain are similar; they prevent standing water. However, a roof drain uses an actual piping system and is placed in the parapet wall of buildings, while a scupper generally allows water to flow out from the end of its spout down the side of buildings.

Roof scuppers are used in most types of construction, but they are most often found in the apartment and commercial buildings. They are also sometimes used with flat roofs on homes.

Benefits of Roof Scupper 

1. A roof scupper provides the best solution for draining the excess water from your roof. The drainage system for commercial buildings is important because it helps avoid any deterioration and damage to the structure. Scuppers protect your building by draining off the additional water that is caused due to rainfall or melting of snow. Roof scupper drains come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. They are essential because they help prevent damage.

2. Roof scuppers are easy to install and can be purchased for a great price. If you are installing roof scuppers, be sure to hire professionals.

3. They do not interfere with the building’s internal systems, so they must install plumbing only to exterior pipes if a renovation is done. This is easier and cheaper to manage.

4. Scuppers are used as either the primary drainage system for a roof or to prevent water from building up on the roof.

Types of Roof Scupper 

There are two types of roof scupper: channel-type scupper and through-wall scupper.

Channel-type Scupper – Channel-type scuppers have metal along the top edge of the hole and either metal or synthetic material on the side edges. In most cases, liquid-applied waterproofing resin is on the bottom of the hole.

Through-wall Scupper – They are typically made of a sheet of metal such as copper or galvanized steel. They are not usually made of aluminum because it is difficult to form into scuppers. Aluminum is more commonly used for fulfilling design needs.

You can get the most suitable roof scupper according to your needs online. And if you are looking for an arch flow scupper for sale online, then browse the website to grab the offer. 

How to Install Roof Scupper?

A roof scupper is a relatively simple and effective means of preventing water damage to the interior of a building. If existing drainage systems are ineffective, installing a roof scupper will prevent water from entering a home.

An excellent technique is to cut vast roof portions out and clean them. The scupper must be broad enough so that debris cannot clog it. 

They should also be placed so water from the roof can flow freely into the scupper and then into the rain gutter, without eroding the roof surface.

Once the hole is made through the side of the roof, the sheet metal should be pulled in and secured.


Roof scuppers allow the water to drain from your roof and into downspouts, protecting your roofing system’s integrity and property. These are a must-have item for any home that is going to be built. Concrete Mart is the best place to buy outdoor plus scuppers online. Their products are made with high-quality materials and backed by excellent customer service. Browse through their available options online today, and see what scuppers would work best for your property.


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