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Everything you Need to Know about Designing Memorials & Headstones


Selecting a memorial for the departed loved one can be an emotional turmoil. At one point, you want to create a beautiful tone to mark your loved ones resting place, but on the other side, with different options of memorials, and headstones, it becomes confusing to choose the best.

Memorials & Headstones

Why are Memorials Suggested as the Best Option to honor the Departed Souls?

Choosing a memorial can be a challenging task. While completely being in a shattered zone, you have another responsibility of finding the perfect headstones and granite benches for the cemetery that will preserve the memories of your loved one for many generations to come.

It is, however, a necessary step in the healing process. A grave memorial allows us to cherish the memories of our lost loved ones for years. This blog will surely guide you on the various types of grave markers and monuments available to you and other family members.

Different Types of Memorials

There are different headstones and memorials that can be custom designed or entirely personalized to mark on a loved one’s burial plot or gravesite. Here are a couple of monuments that you can look for while planning to customize a memorial.

Granite Marker

Today, granite memorials are the most popular markers. Their natural beauty makes them very appealing. They are nearly hard to scratch, discolor, or chip. Because of these reasons, families tend to select granite benches for the cemetery for their loved ones.

Families will also appreciate that each granite memorial is unique in terms of color, design, and texture. They can choose between upright, flat, or tilted memorials depending on cemetery rules.

Granite memorials are also extremely durable and resistant to the elements. They respond nicely to laser etching and neither scratch nor fade, ensuring that they are always readable. People that pick granite memorials may be assured that their loved one’s legacy will be protected and that their tribute will last for generations.

Bronze Memorials

Bronze markers are the most frequent memorials today, second only to granite. The inherent elegance, warmth, and longevity of bronze memorials appeal to many families. They can be mounted to granite or fastened to the ground on concrete and lay flat on the ground. Bronze markers come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Bronze markers are a unique, everlasting, and memorable legacy for a loved one because of their strength, numerous personalization choices, and the open environment where they will be installed. Bronze undergoes oxidation, which is a natural protective process. Patina is a protective covering that forms on the bronze and turns green. This ensures the longevity of bronze grave markers.

Also, you can try the photo engraving in Houston on these grave markers and memorials to make them more attractive.

Importance of a Memorial Design Company


Restoration is one of the most prominent solutions a memorial service provider offers. If deep cleaning is not sufficient to improve the existing condition of the headstone, renovation could be the better option you can take. Restoring, lettering restoration, repainting, and even replacing the entire thing with an updated version are all part of this process. Remember that the grave should be a location where you can feel at ease while visiting your loved one, and keeping it in good condition will demonstrate your respect and encourage family and friends to visit more frequently.

Design Consultation

Memorial design companies have various high-quality products available, ranging from inscriptions and figurines to vases and crosses, or even construct custom headstones that suits you. If you have some specific design ideas in mind, the professional expert can help you bring them to life in their workshop. Perhaps if the deceased has some interest like writing or painting that you want to incorporate into the design, the design consultant will help you with the best.


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