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Enjoy The Luxury of Comfort and Beauty in Your Home with Antique Furniture


What makes a home beautiful? The answer is things that fill your home. And most of the space of your home is filled with furniture sets, wall hangings, mirrors, and other wooden wardrobes. Thus, you should not compromise while selecting the furniture items for your home. To make your home beautiful, European antique dealers in Los Angeles and New Orleans provide you with French-style antique furniture sets.

French Ancestry adds the flavor of rich European history to your home, along with making it an eye-catching beauty place for your visitors. It also makes your children enjoy the atmosphere inside your home because the antique designs and art is the center of attraction for everyone.

Who are the best European Antique Dealers in Los Angeles and New Orleans?

Your money is precious, and hence you should not waste it on such an object which is not worth buying. In the case of antique furniture sets, you need to choose the European antique dealers in Los Angeles and New Orleans that are renowned for their work.

The furniture you are buying should serve you the purpose. Hence, choose the shop that provides you with hand-made antique furniture sets. The other benefit of a hand-made furniture set is that it is highly refined and unique. Moreover, the best European antique dealers in Los Angeles and New Orleans present you with furniture sets that are unique in design and features both.

The next thing that decides whether the European antique dealer in Los Angeles and New Orleans is best or not is the durability of your furniture set. You cannot buy furnishings for your house frequently as they are costly to buy. Thus, the material used by the shop you are choosing should be quality rich and less prone to termites, insects, mold, etc.

The worst that can happen is your store delivering you a damaged piece which you definitely don’t want to happen. Hence, the store you are choosing should provide you with furnishing free from manufacturing defects. They should be experts in delivering your furniture; it will ensure there is no damage during transportation.

Even if there is any damage or manufacturing defect, the European antique dealer in Los Angeles and New Orleans you are choosing should provide you with a hassle-free return policy. Ensure that the store you are choosing has the furniture sets with dimensions suitable to your home space as there is no point in buying furniture which does not fit the size of your home.

Applications of Antique furniture sets

The antique furniture sold by European Antique Dealers in Los Angeles and New Orleans is perfect to be placed in your hall, kitchen, bedroom, etc. Having natural themes and motifs on them, they make your house an ideal place to live.

Following are a few French Ancestry that you can buy to receive applaud from your visitors –

  • 1760 French Wood Angel Wings –

Made in the 18th century or earlier, these are hand-carved furnishing with intricately designed angel wings. They give you real-life experience of birds as they have layered and curved feathers. You can utilize the metal rings on the back of each wing for hanging or mounting anything. Painted white, it highlights the age of the piece.

  • 18 Lite Iron & Wood Chandelier from Florence –

Perfect to be hanged in the middle of your hall, the visitors of your house will not be able to take their eyes off for a second from this masterpiece. It is custom-made and hand-carved in Florence with 23k water gilt detailing. Don’t forget to note the size of the chandelier you are buying.

  • Italian Louis XV Polychrome Banquette –

Another 18th-century French furnishing, Italian Louis XV banquette is seating sofa for three. What makes it beautiful is its giltwood carving details along with original blue-green paint finishing.

  • Italian Louis XVI Gilt Wood Frame –

Preserve the memories of your time with your loved ones with this 19th-century wood frame. What makes it special is it is made with original gilt. You can hang it on the wall to cherish your old memories.


This is also 18th-century antique furniture. Its lower cabinet provides you with multiple storage options. The beautiful blue-green interior of your furniture is displayed with its wired mesh door panels.

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