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Effects of Lava Rock Essential Oil Diffuser and Pride Edition Candles


Lava rocks are natural rocks formed from cold molten rock after a volcanic eruption. The rough surface of the lava rock is excellent for spreading essential oils. Lava rock pieces are said to have healing and grounding properties. However, it is not only lava rock that can be useful. They have become an increasingly popular way to diffuse other essential oils.

Benefits of Using a Lava Stone

Lava stones come with many strong advantages that make them ideal for use with essential oils. Their permeable surfaces, lava rocks are suitable for helping to diffuse essential oils. These can be used with the oil of your choice to boost up its overall effect. Lava stones have long been known for their medicinal properties.

By investing in a lava rock diffuser, you can help enhance the potency of your natural oils. This makes them great for those looking for a genuine improvement to their health.

With the correct choice of essential oils and lava rock diffuser, you’ll be on your way to experiencing better health.

What Are Lava Rock Diffusers: How to Use Them?

Lava Rock Diffuser is a nice way to add aromatherapy to any indoor space! These are essential oil diffusers made of lava rock. They are easy to use and can enhance the power of your natural essential oils.

By adding these diffusers to your essential oil schedule, you can start reaping the extreme benefits in a short time.

So how should you start using them?

For starters, it’s important to note that there is no single technique to use them. You may find that changing the standard practices here works good for you—and that’s acceptable.

However, a typical technique to use a lava rock diffuser is to put a few droplets on the beads of your lava rock bracelet and necklace.

Lava rock bead will help the essential oil rise and diffuse due to its porous surface to gain the best results.

Generally, you’ll want to reapply the oil when you can’t smell it. Depending on quantity and what oil you use, this could be as little as two hours or even closer a day.

With the above information in mind, you may be on your way to enjoying even more benefits from your essential oils. If you haven’t before, it’s time to invest in a lava rock diffuser.

Pride Candles

The limited pride edition candle is infused with a rainbow of fragrances that capture the freedom of love and acceptance. Fruity notes of raspberry and redcurrant meet warm summer winds, with hints of woody Palo Santo and spicy pepper. Enjoy the sunshine as you feel proud on the parade route.

Seven Colors matches the spirit of the larger-than-life LGBTQIA+ community, infused with seven different fragrances, single in each layer, carrying a new vibe as it melts and interferes with the next.

Fragrances (Top to Bottom)

Red: Tropical Lush Scented – The heart of this aroma lies in the sweet-smelling mangoes, while core notes of citrusy pineapple and exotic coconut mix create a light and rejuvenating vibe to the blossoms.

Orange: This is a Vanilla Scoop Scented layer- A loved fragrance, this vanilla is a blend of rich and powerful fragrance with a buttery top note that imparts a sweet and comforting scent.

Yellow: The freshness of the scent with a hint of resin makes you feel like a walk in an evergreen forest.

Green: A sensual combination of refreshing cucumber, earthy tones of sandalwood and vetiver, the sweetness of honey, and a light floral tone of bamboo and geranium. It’s a tempting amalgamation of fragrances that even Adam and Eve couldn’t resist!

Blue: A scent that grabs your attention with its sharp citrus scent that turns sweet with time.

Indigo: The stimulating and earthy essence of oakmoss combined with the warmth of white musk creates a soothing atmosphere.

Violet: A pleasant fragrance that lifts your mood with the smell of creamy coconut in your surroundings.

This candle is made for everyone by pouring in a shimmering iridescent jar. The Pride Edition Candle reduces stress and brings peace to your life.



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