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What are the Ingredients Included in E-Cigarette Liquid Available Online in NZ? Are They Safe?


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Anything that has been consumed over the limit always has side effects. So, if you’re concerned about vaping, don’t go by rumors believe in what the experts have to say then only consume it. If you are a beginner of vaping, it is always good to know the ingredients included in the cane of e-cigarette liquid online in NZ, and whether they are safe for your consumption. This post will explain to you what is e-liquid, the core ingredients that produce e-liquid cane, and how safe the liquid and its ingredients are so you can make the right decision before inhaling.

What is E-liquid?

E-liquid is the fluid that fuels your electronic cigarettes. It is a major component of the vape pens or e-cigarettes that develop the flavor as well as an adequate proportion of the nicotine to the user. Some of the most popular brands and flavors that vapers choose when buy e-liquid NZ are Dinner Lady Salts blackberry, Nasty salt ASAP grape, Naked 100 Salt Amazing mango, Vapemart crème de menthe, strawberry, and Nasty Cushman series mango banana. These flavors get heated inside your e-cigarette and create a cloud-form of vapor that the user inhales. One thing to note here is that vaping doesn’t let you get high unless you consume over the stated limit.

Ingredients in E-Liquid Available Online In NZ Vape Stores

E-liquid is majorly composed of four core ingredients. We will explore each of the ingredients in detail so you can get detailed information before consumption and make the right choice accordingly.

  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG) – Commonly known as glycerol, it is an odorless liquid produced from plant oils- majorly palm oil, soy, or coconut. It is the base of many e-liquids like Vapemart crème de menthe and cuzzy juice, creates thicker liquids, and is smoother on the lungs. The limited drops of VG in e-liquid are tested absolutely safe for consumption, as it can be also found in many fruits, vegetables as well as dairy products. Many e-cigarette users experience a smoother hit when using a higher VG e-liquid flavor. Also, FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved it as a safe ingredient when vaping.
  • Propylene Glycol (PG) – It is a vicious, odorless, colorless, and tasteless liquid used for a variety of purposes, including in e-liquids. It’s generally approved as safe by the FDA and has many useful properties. It’s an ideal solvent with low toxicity and vapor pressure. All these properties make PG an ideal choice for use in electronic cigarettes in NZ. Both PG and VG are mixed in appropriate proportion in e-liquid flavor cane to produce thicker clouds which many vapers enjoy.
  • Flavorings- Over a thousand e-liquid flavor canes available in online vape stores including, blackberry, mango, grape, coconut, apple, cinnamon, and even tobacco these flavors can be spoilt of choices. Flavors that are used in making e-liquid are first approved by the FDA for user’s consumption. So, most of the e-liquid flavors in NZ you will find in the online store are absolutely safe and risk-free. These flavorings are added in a small amount to the mix of PG and VG to give the e-liquid the balanced punch it needs.
  • Nicotine- The last but not the least ingredient is nicotine. It is one of the ideal ingredients for people who are trying to quit their addiction to smoking tobacco-filled cigarettes. The limited quantity of nicotine added in e-liquid canes makes the electronic cigarette an ideal alternative to traditional cigarettes.

All the core ingredients you read in the label of e-cigarette liquid cane available in NZ online vape stores are relatively safe and do not have harmful side effects when you inhaled them. You can now safely switch your preference to e-liquid cigarettes knowing the fact that they are healthier, safer, and most importantly approved by the FDA itself- what else reason do you need for vaping e-liquid.


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