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Discover The Incredible Ways To Quick Smoking:


Smoking addiction is a global problem. Millions of people across the world want to quit smoking, but they are helpless. Some people have tried many ways to quit smoking, but left disappointed. However, some people want to quit but have no idea how to quit. Remember, deciding to quit smoking is an only half battle. In this comprehensive guide, we have shared some effective ways to quit smoking including Toothpicks to Stop Smoking, so you can implement them and eventually win the battle to quit smoking.

  • Change your drink– An US study has found that the consumption of fizzy drinks, tea coffee, alcohol, and cola make cigarettes taste even better. Determine if you smoke while having or after having these drinks. If yes, then switch to water and healthy juices when you go out or join any party. Some people have found that these changes affect their craving for a cigarette.
  • Identify when you crave cigarettes– Usually, craving for cigarette last for five minutes at a specific time of the day. So, if you are at a party and you start craving for a cigarette, simply leave the party for the next five minutes, or indulge yourself in some activities. Even you can hit the dance floor and dance. Also remember, the combination of alcoholic drinks and smoking can lead to mouth cancer.
  • Realizes the consequence of smoking– If you don’t know how badly the cigarette affects your overall life, know about it. Maybe, you start caring for your physical health and decrease the cigarette intake. There is a possibility that you give up smoking. You must know that cigarettes can destroy your lungs, cause cancer, and shorten your life by almost two years. Smoking causes several health issues that will affect your life badly.
  • Make non-smoking friends– Off-cause if you have friends who smoke regularly, you are likely to smoke as well. Since you are in a group of smokers, it is very difficult to quit smoking. So, when you are at the party, be sure you stick with non-smokers. It will encourage you to quit smoking.
  • Keep your hands and mouth busy– The best way to quit smoking is to keep your hands and mouth busy with the toothpicks. Here we are drawing your attention to the flavored toothpicks, including mint and cinnamon toothpicks. Since your hands and mouth are busy with the toothpicks, you will less crave for the cigarette. Ultimately, you will switch to flavored toothpicks that will give you a new experience of using toothpicks along with cleaning your teeth by removing debris. The flavored toothpicks to stop smoking are easily available.
  • End of a meal– For some people, ending up a meal means start smoking. They strongly crave the cigarette after finishing the meal. If you are also the one, then switch to fruits, any healthy dessert, chocolate, and a stick of gum. It works and ends up craving for the cigarette. On the first day, you might feel that it is not working, but try it for a few days, you will see positive results.
  • Distract yourself– Identify you crave more for the cigarette. Once determined, make yourself busy in various activities. You can turn on the TV, indulge in cooking, call a friend, etc.
  • Remind yourself the reason to quit– Like others; you also have decided to quit smoking due to some reasons. Maybe you were struggling on the health front or you. Or maybe, some of your friends had faced a lot of problems due to smoking. In short, remind yourself why you want to quit. It will enhance your self-esteem and encourage you to stick to your decision to quit smoking.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy- It is a method of counseling that helps to change the habits that affect your life. A study also supports the fact that cognitive behavioral therapy helps to quit smoking.
  • Make a solid plan to quit smoking– If you have decided to quit smoking, make a full-proof plan and promise yourself to stick with it. Whenever you find difficulty, remember your recent efforts which may go in vain if you once again start smoking. Instead, think ahead of time and look at the positive side of giving up smoking.


Long toothpicks to keep your hands and mouth busy are one of the most effective ways to quit smoking.  Hopefully, these incredible ways to quit smoking will also help you out.


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