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Different Types of Network Cabling for Businesses

Network Cabling

When making your business efficient and future-forward, you need to invest in the right components. Network cables transfer data and information through devices, switches, storage area networks, etc.

Depending on your office systems, specific requirements, network structure, and more, the type of office cabling can vary.

Here are different types of network cabling for your business and what you should opt for:


While not the newest variant of the CAT series, CAT5 is a dependable and cost-efficient choice when you’re on a budget. CAT5 and CAT5E are the two types you can think about getting when opting for these cables.

It has the standard Ethernet plug, which fits perfectly onto most devices. While it was launched in 2001, many businesses still use it that don’t have high-scale requirements. You can also use CAT5E with CAT6, with one acting as a workstation and the other being the supporting cabling.

CAT6 and CAT7

CAT6 is one of the best solutions for looking for high-end cabling that can fulfill various requirements. Professionals in less time can easily install it to give you maximum efficiency. It gives good speed for standard tasks like downloading and streaming. However, it is only ideal for small businesses or home users.

CAT7 is the most expensive cabling variant available currently. It is ideal for Gigabit Ethernet and can deliver efficiency up to 600MHz. The twisted cables for this variant are shielded, which provides better noise resistance. If you want a good return on investment and high efficiency, this is the cabling to go for.

Fibre Optic Cabling

For businesses looking for the best, fiber optic cabling is what they should go for. You can find commercial network cabling in Orange County that offers fiber optic cabling for your requirements.

Regardless of the size of your business, you can find that this type of cabling provides the most connectivity for your business. It is ideal for even times when the demand peaks, as providers can shoulder the burden and provide continued network services.

For businesses that work in the cloud or data storage industries, this is the ideal cabling they should be looking at for their requirements.

Choosing the Right Cabling for Your Business

While setting up cabling for your business can be daunting, it is well worth it when you are doing the research. You need to look for a professional installation service that can guarantee expertise because an incorrect cabling system can be dire for your business.

When you know the different types of network cabling, you can get for your business, finding the right one can be easier.


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