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What Makes Custom Smoke Cookers Unique?

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People bought over 14 million grills and smokers during the ten months between April 2020 and February 2021. Customers preferred custom smokers over ready-to-use ones. Most grill manufacturers have switched to offering the option to customize the smoker according to your needs, or you can have them build one from scratch based on your specifications. Big smoker for sale Memphis was a hot seller with prices going up to over $70,000, including just about any accessory you can imagine.

A charcoal grill with offset smoker Memphis is your way to get ready for a weekend of fun and frolic with your loved ones.

Offset smokers are great for first-time grillers or pundits in the art. While you can find several smoker designs, the custom smoke cookers are unique as they have the following features.

Folding Roofs

Roofs are necessary for a smoker to protect the food from the elements and unexpected dust and debris. A custom smoker will give you the option of installing a folding roof, and you can fold the roof as you move the smoker to where you want to set up and unfold it before you begin smoking. A roof also provides shade from the hot summer sun as well as giving you a shelter to get under when that unexpected shower pops up.

Custom Wheels

Smoker has gone a long way from the backyard barbecue set up to trailer pits that can feed an entire battalion at once. Such a big smoker for sale Memphis requires wheels that match to transport it and give it a professional appearance. A custom-made smoke cooker will allow you to pick the wheels of your choice

Custom Paint

If you are in the bbq business, your cooker is your calling card. Custom paint schemes as well as signage help to distinguish your business from any other business. Have a unique look so that people will recognize your business and know that you are the one they want to hire.

One Or More Sinks

Sinks are a necessity as you need to clean the surfaces and utensils before and after cooking. Therefore having one sink is imperative, but separate sinks for hot and cold water are highly convenient. Health department licensing normally requires 4 bay sinks and hot and cold running water if you intend to carry a health department license.

Workstation Or Counter Top

When barbecuing away from home, you need a workstation to prep the food and make the condiments to go along with your smoked food. A custom smoker will have a workstation that is at least 12 inches wide and runs about half the length of the smoker.

Durable Metal

Most of the time, the ready-to-use smokers use thin metal, which is acceptable for a small gathering but rendered useless when catering to a large crowd as they lose heat quickly. Therefore, you should have your charcoal grill with offset smoker Memphis, made of at least one-fourth inch thick steel. An insulated firebox is not a bad option for a Texas smoker.

Custom-built smoke cookers benefit from using equipment that you desire to make the of your grilling experience. The above options help you create the beast of your choice that can make the meanest of crowds swoon.




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