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Debunking 8 Myths and Misconceptions about Hospice Care

Palmdale Hospice Agency
Palmdale Hospice Agency

Did you know 1.5 million people received hospice care in the year 2017? Numbers are significantly increasing with each passing year. Unfortunately, there are many myths and misconceptions regarding hospice care which resists the people to consider about senior citizen hospice services in San Fernando Valley, Hospice care is given for the patients suffering an illness that is not curable anyone and doctors have recommended to give care and support as much as possible to the patients to improve their quality of life for rest of the days they have. Debunking all myths and misconceptions is the best way to determine whether it is right for you or not. Read on!

Hospice care is only for the patients given on their life

Hospice care is basically designed for people with prolonged illness who want to live their lives at fullest. Many studies show that the patients who receive hospice care live a long and happy life with improved quality of life than the people who didn’t pursue aggressive hospice care. That’s why people choose hospice care.

Hospice is a place

People who have not heard much about hospice care think that hospice is a place. However, the hospice is a kind of care and support that focuses on pain management and helping patients on a physical, emotional, and spiritual front. Most patients prefer to receive hospice care in the familiar surroundings of the home. However, hospice care can also be given at hospitals or any designed place for hospice care.

Hospice care is only for the cancer patients

It is perhaps one of the biggest myths or misconceptions so far. However, the truth is just different. Hospice care is designed for anyone with prolonged illnesses, and that can be anything like heart diseases, diabetes, kidney diseases, ALS, patients with dementia, etc. People suffering from all such diseases can benefit from hospice care.

Hospice is only for people with a few days to live.

You must be aware of the fact that a 2018 report published by the National and Palliative care organization reveals that patients received hospice care for, on average, 76 days. Basically, hospice care is intended for patients with a life expectancy of six months or less. Earlier admission to hospice care is a smart move because it gets easier to manage the pain and improve the patient’s quality of life. Still, the patients and their family members have to make the decision that is best for their loved one.

There is no turning back, once you choose hospice.

Patients can quit anytime when they don’t feel the need for hospice care. With hospice care, a patient’s medical condition improves over time. If the patients want to reapply for hospice care, they can anytime.

My family cannot afford hospice care

It is another biggest myth that stops the family members and patients from considering hospice care. On the contrary, hospice care is fully funded by medical insurance companies. Hence, if you have medical insurance, hospice care expenses will be covered in it. These expenses may include medications, visits from nurses, health care professionals, therapists, social services, spiritual counseling, etc. Hence, you don’t need to worry regarding expenses involved in hospice care.

Hospice care means giving up control over your care.

Hospice care is ultimately all about improving the patient’s quality of life. The entire hospice care is administered by a team of hospice care professionals who are trained to provide the hospice care to meet the patient’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. This simply means that it cannot be forced on anyone. The patients always have a right to refuse the services. In fact, it is designed after considering the patient’s needs. The patients who can decide to leave hospice can reapply for the hospice. So, it is no question about giving control over your care.

You need a doctor’s referral for hospice care

You should know that anyone can receive hospice care. If a family member, patient, or any concerned person believes that his loved one needs hospice care, they can decide to provide hospice care. You can only take the doctor’s suggestion on giving hospice care to your loved one. The final decision will be yours regarding giving hospice care from the hospice agency in Palmdale.


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