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Custom Made Scleral Shells for Eyes


Custom Made Scleral Shells for Eyes

Some major advancements have been made in recent years and some that you would hardly believe. One of these advancements has to do with eyes and what can be done when someone has an eye that is damaged beyond repair. You will notice that when someone has something wrong with their eye that it is very noticeable. You can try not to stare, but it is very distracting. This is why people are traveling far and wide to find places where they can get their physical and obvious eye issues corrected. There are multiple reasons why someone could have a bad eye – they could be born like that or have had some sort of illness or trauma. No matter what the reason, if someone wants to have one of their eyes fixed up, a type of artificial eye called a scleral shell could be the best way. 

These scleral shells are a type of artificial eye, but they are much more advanced than the glass eyes that you see in the movies. A properly made custom scleral shell, when made and fitted properly, will completely resemble a natural functioning eye. In fact, the only way you could be sure that they were fake (without asking the owner) is to touch them. An ordinary eye is soft and warm, but a scleral shell will be made from hard acrylic and will look more like half a glass eye. You may have seen videos of someone sticking a small suction device onto their scleral shell or artificial eye and just pulling it out. You will also notice that a scleral shell is shaped quite differently from what you would expect. They are not perfectly round – they are curved and more like a very thick contact lens. The idea is that they sit over the damaged eye and simply create the appearance of a healthy eye. If the entire eye is missing or if the eyeball was damaged beyond repair, then there may be an additional implant called an ocular implant. In this case, the scleral shell would attach to the implant (which would be permanently inserted). This is where the scleral shell gets its name from – it is literally shaped like a curved shell that covers the damaged eye. The great thing is that once the scleral shell is inserted properly, it does not need to be removed very often at all.  

There are companies that offer custom scleral shells in Washington, and there are also custom scleral shells in Anchorage. It is not as easy as simply going into an artificial eye store and choosing an eye or a shell, unfortunately. Everyone’s eyes are unique, so it is important to get them custom-made. Having two eyes that are even slightly different will be noticeable and will make the whole procedure pointless. If you look around, you will find companies that offer custom scleral shells in Fairbanks. They will get you to come in and take a mold of your eye socket and will take a detailed scan of your functioning eye to copy it exactly so that they can make the scleral shell just for you. The best bit is that because it is custom, it will fit you perfectly and match your functioning eye exactly. This is how they get to be so realistic. It is no small feat to make a custom scleral shell, and there is a lot of talent and patience involved. 

Your eyes are a big part of what makes your face. This is why these custom-made scleral shell companies have spent so much time creating and developing the perfect scleral shell technologies. It may only be a small part of the body, but the eyes make a big difference to someone’s appearance. If you are going to invest in a scleral shell or an artificial eye, you will want it to be custom-made. It is your eye and your face, and if you are going to be showing it off to the world, you will want it to fit well and seem realistic. It should not be obvious that there is a large acrylic half ball in one of your eyes. A well-made scleral shell will also move around realistically when you look around, just like a healthy eye would. Although they cannot restore your sight, they can make your eyes symmetrical and bring you closer to feeling like your old self.


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