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Complete Snorkeling Guide 2021: The Best & Pleasant Underwater Life!


Snorkeling in Santa Teresa is fun for all those who love adventurous water games. Your body is on the water surface in the horizontal position in this situation. You need to put a mask on the face. There is a unique scuba diving tube in the mouth, through which you can breathe freely. You should safely lie on the surface of the water in this position and look at the underwater world. Don’t make movements as it can scare off fish and other aquatic animals. Breathe through the tube and move your legs to stay afloat. You don’t need training and instruction for this game. Let’s know more about this.

Diving Equipment:

Diving mask, a breathing tube, fins, and a wetsuit.

Places for Snorkeling:

Traditionally, the best place to learn snorkeling is the sea coast. From this point of view, Costa Rica tide pools are ideal for all individuals. Trainers give training in natural conditions. It allows beginners to master all the necessary skills in a short time. At the end of the training, all swimmers take an open sea exam, where experienced trainers evaluate each participant’s skills and pronounce their decision. This process gives you ultimate fun and entertainment. You will feel refreshed and relaxed after training.


Explore the Underwater World Yourself: A Recipe for Ultimate Fun

Snorkeling in Santa Teresa is ideal for all. Here you can enjoy all the underwater world’s beauty, bright flora, and fauna. Local instructors have a good command of the local language. They can easily instruct you how to dive appropriately underwater and comply with all safety requirements. Here, sea depths are beautiful and colorful. You can click many fascinating photos with your near and dear ones. There is a comfortable temperature for diving-about 25-28 degrees most of the year. Instructors choose a place that is windless and without strong currents. More experienced divers choose stronger currents to examine their swimming skills and have fun. Having mastered all the subtleties of snorkeling, you can discover the beauty and the incredible views of the underwater world. Getting the snorkeling technique allows you to learn new facets during your stay at the resort and delivers a lot of new impressions and positive emotions. You can also spend your free time spearfishing or just watching the deep inhabitants’ lives: swim through flocks of colorful fish or how sea crabs hunt for their prey.

Useful Tips for Beginners:

If you know the basics of swimming, you can swim freely in the water and try snorkeling. However, it is better for safety reasons to get training accompanied by an instructor or an experienced professional. Please follow the recommendations mentioned below if you are a beginner:

  • Take your first dive anywhere near the shore. It doesn’t have to be a tropical sea. A pool or lake near the house is enough for training,
  • You just need to swim with the equipment to get used to it and adapt to the tube, mask, and fins. Start with a simple dip in water and try to hold your breath for a few minutes,
  • Seawater is favorable for snorkeling because the concentration of salt in it simplifies your movements. Before diving to great depths, learn as much as possible about the terrain, the inhabitants of the sea, and the bottom topography,
  • In any case, do not touch unknown fish as they can be quite dangerous. Keep in mind that in water, the image is distorted, and not always the distance or size of visible objects are what they seem,
  • Don’t dive alone. Have a friend or an instructor around to help out if necessary. When diving in a group, think about the signals you can use to communicate underwater. First, master the simple surface of the sea and only with experience, dive further,
  • For snorkeling, it is essential to choose not only the equipment and the sea itself but also to focus on the weather. So, for entertainment, the optimal indicators are +28…+30 degrees, the absence of wind and waves and
  • When water gets clogged in the breathing tube, do not panic, you just need to learn how to immediately blow out drops with a sharp and robust exhalation. Often beginners are faced with the fact that the mask fogs up. You can get rid of this by wiping its surface with saliva and saltwater before diving.

It is probably difficult to find something more beautiful than the stunning underwater world. But to do this, you need to learn how to swim and do it underwater with high confidence. Some people may have trouble sinking to the bottom. Newbies just float on the surface. Some can’t open their eyes there. Others will not be able to hold their breath for more than ten seconds.   Before diving, you need to study the theory of diving and learn how to do it correctly. An experienced partner can help you do this. Don’t dive without oxygen. First, you need to take a deep breath and then gently dive. Those beginners who neglect this rule can face the problem. The brain can simply send a reflex command to inhale involuntarily. Diving for a long time is hazardous. It is best to plan before starting the dive, which will provide for weather conditions. Swimmer should know how to proceed if there is a danger.  Before you dive, it is better to pull the tube out of your mouth.

Snorkeling in Santa Teresa is the ultimate way for fun, entertainment, and kill your free time. With its help, you can enrich your knowledge of underwater life. Costa Rica tide pools are ideal for snorkeling. Trainers and professionals help how to act in water and have great fun.


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