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Common Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Land In The Clear Creek County Real Estate Market


Selling land is quite different from selling residential or commercial properties. If your land isn’t selling, you might require a different approach now. It can also be because of certain mistakes that are not attracting customers in Clear Creek County to your land for sale.

If you look at the current real estate statistics, you will find that pandemic has seriously affected land sales in the US. Hence, as a land seller, you need to avoid following mistakes in the Clear Creek County real estate market.

No market knowledge

One common mistake land owners make is not gaining market knowledge and putting the land for sale with incomplete knowledge. When you do not gather enough real estate information, you lack knowing the market value of your land. Such can make buyers lack of interest in your land.

To avoid it, you can invest some time in gaining knowledge about your land and talk to real estate investors and realtors. You can also gain knowledge about the current market trends from the internet.

Not hiring a real estate agent or hiring a wrong one

As a property investor/ seller, you might know about real estate, but when it comes to selling or buying a property/ land, no one can match a realtor’s expertise. Hiring the wrong (without expertise or knowledge) agent or not hiring one can be your biggest mistake while stepping into the property market.

The right agent will market your property, involve in land inspection to upgrade its prices, and be your negotiator. This will escalate your land selling process.

Trying to sell in a buyer’s market

In layman’s terms, “ In buyer’s market, land purchasers have an advantage over land sellers and price negotiations.”

If you’re a land seller, research or ask your agent if it is a buyer’s or seller’s market. When you try to sell in a buyer’s market, it might cause you some loss because of huge price negotiations. Hence, try to avoid it.

Poorly maintained land

An unmaintained land will not attract any buyers. So, invest in the following before putting a “for sale” sign on your land.

  • Remove debris and garbage.
  • Mow the grass and weeds
  • Mark the land boundary
  • Show the features like electricity and water connections.

You can always hire a land manager for it if you don’t have time for it.  This will surely help you attract buyers to your land.

Broadcasting poor pictures

Presentation is the key strategy to sell. Since, in this internet era, buying and selling are done over the internet. So, posting good pictures and detailed videos is necessary to make buyers interested in your land. Use a good camera to click pictures and keep attention to detail in mind.

Selling at a higher price than the market price.

Sometimes when you don’t research current market prices, you end up putting a price board with a higher price than the market price. This will significantly reduce the buyer traffic to your land. So, if you find out that no one is inquiring about your land, it may be due to overpricing.

To avoid this mistake, you can enquire in the neighbourhood about land prices or hire a realtor to take care of your land for sale in Clear Creek County.

Fewer payment options

Last but not least, offer your buyers payment options. Only accepting cash or only accepting online payments can make your buyers uninterested. Though you have the choice to accept payments as you want, it can significantly impact the number of buyers. So, try to offer many payment options to widen your buyer market. This will also reduce the taxes involved in the commercial sale of your land.


You can sell your land faster and at good profit margins if you avoid these common mistakes. Buying or selling properties, whether commercial, residential or construction land, becomes easy with the right agent and knowledge. These agents help to buy, sell and manage your properties/lands to keep their value high in the market. They are well-versed with Clear Creek County Real Estate. That’s why they are right people to approach for the property buying, selling, and managing.


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