Despite being a relatively new community, there are dozens of Las Vegas Convention Printing companies. Because they are the place to go for conventions and gaming (two industries that require a professional printer more than any other), they provide a wide range of services, from full-service printers to companies specializing in only one or two things. These businesses provide residents with numerous options and keep the field competitive.

The issue with this is that there may appear to be too many options at times. The following is a quick checklist for everyday printing needs, spanning from personal to business, that should help you limit your options.

Different Scenarios In Choosing The Right Printing Company

  1. Wedding Printing scenarios

Along with being the gaming and convention hub, Las Vegas is also the most popular spot to get married. Many couples save money by printing wedding invitations at home. However, this might cause a slew of issues during a stressful period. The couple may wish they had hired a printer by the end of the process.

Most Las Vegas printing firms can collaborate with couples to create the ideal wedding invitation, as well as the accompanying RSVP and thank you cards. Of course, some printers are more adaptable and provide complete customization. Furthermore, they have prior experience. A seasoned Las Vegas printer should be well-versed in printing wedding invitations. Many of the chapels featured will provide invites as part of their packages, and commercial printers are well-versed in this area.

Beyond that, couples planning large weddings should look into the direct printing of address labels.

  • Will the printer accept my bespoke design or assist me in creating a custom design?
  • Does the printer provide letterpress, embossing, and foil embossing services?
  • Will the printer be able to use my computer’s mailing list?
  1. Brochures and Rack Cards Scenarios

Brochures and rack cards are two of the most efficient marketing tools available in Las Vegas for promoting a business or service. Every city has them, but no one does them quite like the city of Las Vegas does them. People who make a living by handing these out can be seen on nearly every street corner in the city. It has been embedded in the customs of Las Vegas. Tourists expect them, and if they are not present, it can be challenging to spark their interest with a primary business card or flier.

It is necessary for rack cards and brochures to compete with the ostentatious displays of casinos and huge resort products. They must be attractively designed, brightly colored, and, in some instances, unusually shaped to be effective.

Questions to inquire include:

  • Does the company provide design services?
  • Is it possible to use UV or aqueous coating?
  • Does the printer have the ability to cut dies?
  1. Direct Mail Campaigns Scenario

Direct mail campaigns are among the most complex to manage, and, sadly, many Las Vegas trade show display printing firms do not provide direct mail services. It is lengthy and demands a high level of ability.

  • Does the printer offer CASS certification, merge purge, and Address Element Correction (AEC)?
  • Do they provide digital variable printing, and how comprehensive is it?
  • Is there a drop-off location for BMC/SCF?
  1. Advertising Scenario

Signs are more than just banners. Exhibit labels, posters, directional signage, and even slot toppers are among them. Even though signage is a vital component of numerous trade events, many Las Vegas printing companies are limited to one or two possibilities for sign materials.

So, if you need matching signage in a range of mediums, it may take a little longer to select the correct printer.

  • What have other companies had their signs made here?
  • What kinds of substrates are there?
  • What are the size restrictions in terms of width and thickness?

Customers should also inquire about the business’s hours of operation and the skill level of the employees working there. Another factor to consider is the printer’s commitment to using environmentally friendly technologies and materials. Above all, buyers should not be hesitant to request a portfolio from the printer when making a purchase decision.


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