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Choose Shutter Color That Enhances Your Home’s Curb Appeal


The window shutters have the power to impact the home curb appeal and overall home interior greatly. With so many key elements to consider, choosing the right color can be overwhelming. But don’t be intimidated by a range of color choices available in custom indoor window shutters in Malibu. We have compiled a list of popular window shutters color options to help you get inspired.


If your home has a white or gray wall color, then black shutters will bring striking contrast and give a modern appeal to your home. Painting the doors and windows with as same colors as window shutters creates a cohesive vibe to your house’s accents. Plus, it is a versatile window shutter color that has been used in window shutters for decades and will always be a trend for years to come.


Pairing the gray window shutters with the off-white bricks walls gives striking contrast feel. Likewise, you can create a pair of lighter gray colors with dark charcoal doors and a roof to create a visual balance to your home exterior.

Navy blue shutters

If your home exterior has tan siding, then the navy blue color pops up and dramatically increases your home’s curb appeal. The other exteriors wall color that works well with navy blue shutters include yellow, gray, off-white, red bricks, and natural shakes.

White shutters

If nothing comes to your mind or feel skeptical when directly choosing white shutters that easily go with wall colors. They are timeless and work well with almost any wall color. They are an excellent match for neutral and bold colors. Pairing white shutters with stone and natural wood shakes would be best to increase the home’s curb appeal.

Green shutters

If you are looking for something that makes your home look visually appealing and wants to give tranquil and verdant fill, then have deep green shutters like Charleston green and hunter green. These window shutter colors have been popular since colonial times and are considered perfect for giving a traditional look to your home exterior. Dark green shutters go well with a brick of yellow, neutrals, brown, tan to white. However, lighter green shutters go with an earthy tone and natural materials like stucco and tan stone. In case if you seek more creative ways to use green shutters to enhance your home exterior and interior, get suggestions from expert window treatment professionals.

Red shutters

Bold and vibrant red shutters are popular window shutter color that looks great in homes with classic architecture. The red exterior shutters complement the bright red and dark home exterior. However, the bright red exterior looks great on cream, tan, white, stucco, tan stone, blue, and pale yellow. Not every homeowner uses red shutters, meaning you can try it and give a different look to your home. Be sure you choose custom indoor window shutters in Malibu, and your window treatment expert will assist you in choosing the right red color shutter after inspecting your home exterior.




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