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Check out the Home Buying Listing in the West Shores Real Estate Market

Home Buying Listing In West Shore

What you need to know about West Shores

West shores in Tahoe city is a beautiful side of town with a great view of the blue city lake and surrounding woods. This area is more than 13 miles from the lake shoreline. Some of the fancy communities that you will find here include Tahoma, Meeks Bay, Rubicon Bay, and Homewood. Do you fancy living in downtown Tahoe city? Then west shores can be ideal for you and your family. The area is filled with a variety of properties. Houses with a view of the city lake or mountain view abound in this area. Some are old buildings with a mixture of vintage decorations and newer designs. From the small, and classy apartments or townhouses, to the big and spacious estate, there is something for everyone on the home buying listing in west shores, Tahoe city.

Christy-Morrison Real Estate Agency

Using the services of a real estate agent like Christy Morrison gives a wide range of options when it comes to home preference and budget. They have several rental home listings in west shores and other areas around Tahoe and California as a whole. Consultation is important if you are to get the best property deals in this area. They have a great team with a pool of experience of about 22 years to guide you to your dream purchase. Let’s take a look at the different types of properties that you would find on the home buying listing in west shores.

Single-family Homes

Homes for single-family with different designs are available on the home buying listing on west shores. Some are newly built with modern architectural designs and decoration. If you are the old cultural types, you also have homes with vintage designs.

The four-bedroom home at Edgewood drive is an example of homes with modern and remodeled designs. A fireplace, kitchen hook, spacious yard that is ideal for entertainment are some of the features of this apartment. The exterior also gives you a serene view of the lake.

The family homes come in different sizes ranging from one-bedroom apartments to five-bedroom luxurious homes.

Condominium, Townhouses

Townhouses are also available throughout this part of the city. Townhouses are great for a wide range of people with small residential structures in mind. These townhouses share adjacent walls with others in the community, giving you a lively environment with shared outdoor amenities.

One of such with an excellent view is the condominium/townhouse at Lake Forest Road. It is a two-bedroom apartment with great interior decorations that include a full bathroom and a half bathroom downstairs. Most of the townhouses here have exterior amenities that include pools, tennis, hot tubs and many more.


There are several commercial properties on the rental home listing on west shores. Some of these properties include boat slips, commercial buildings, business buildings, and many others.

One typical example is the boat slip at the North Lake Boulevard in the city. It is a 160sqft property. Not only does it have a great view of the city lake for those with a boat, but it can also serve as a wise choice of investment in the nearest future. There are other boat slips of different sizes for sale or rental across this part of the city.

Vacant lands

On the west shores listing, you would also find a number of vacant lands for sale. They are available in different parts of downtown Lake Tahoe and in various sizes. You have the opportunity of using this vacant land for a project of your choosing. These include residential buildings, commercial structures and others. Some of the vacant lands are better suited for residential buildings based on the location and size.

An example of vacant land for residential purposes is the 0.58 acres lot at Courchevel Road. A serene environment with the south view sun exposure with a surrounding mountainous view. The land also provides access to outdoor reaction.

You will find all of these properties and many more on the rental home listing on west shores. Christy-Morrison real estate agent serves as a guide to help you with that deal of a lifetime. Consultation is also needed if you are to get the best. If West shores in Tahoe city is your dream destination, you have all you need to make it happen.


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