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C10 Pro Vibrodampening Kit has All Essentials to Dampen Vibration in the Car


Panel resonance and structural vibrations are familiar when cars start getting old, and lack of maintenance results in noise coming from the engine and floor metal and lower parts of the seat and door board near the wheel arc. Unfortunately, the only available solution these days is adopting a C10 pro-Vibrodampening kit that can combat vibration sounds that distort while driving and have a loud music experience.

With several brands around the corner, you need to prefer the reliable one that assures top-quality results upon using a vibration dampening mat. Vibrosolution is one such prominent brand that comes with top quality products which are highly competent to insulate the whole vehicle by giving assurity of relaxation while driving and have terrific car audio sound experience.

FYI, the brand comes with a 60 sq. ft vibration dampening mat that is sufficient to cover the top of the firewall, entire metal flooring, as well as the back wall. So now it’s pretty easy to combat nasty rattles and eliminate road and outside noise as the C10 pro vibration dampening kit has products in the package that insulate the vehicle and improvise the sound of your car audio stereo system.

The vibration dampening mat is polymeric-based damping material with a super charged adhesive that is highly intense and works effectively when the product is placed on the required areas by cutting in different sizes to get effective results. The Vibrodampening product effectively converts Vibration to thermal energy having an aluminum surface and military-grade composition. You will benefit from using the Vibrosolution C10 pro dampening kit as it is pretty flexible and helpful for the installer.

In simple words, it gets adhered adequately to the contoured panel. You can install it on the essential areas of the vehicle, mainly both inside and outer within the door panel and roof area. There’s nothing wrong to say that Vibrosolution sound and vibration damping is the top choice of car audio companies.

See How C10 Pro Vibrodampening Kit Works Before You Buy It Online

  • If you’re thinking of buying a C10 Vibrodampening Kit of a prominent brand (Vibrosolution), it’s your right to know how the Vibration dampening insulation kit works. Below are the enumerated steps to read carefully and understand how the Vibration dampening product works.
  • The first and foremost thing to unveil is that Vibrosolution products are available in black color. The three boxes of 60 sq ft 2mm Vibrodamping mat having butyl material are sufficient to conceal the top of the firewall area until the back wall area covers the roof wall.
  • One Box of 30 sq ft containing 6 mm Vibroinsulator 100 %waterproof foam will surely give effective results. All you need to do is install this product over the top of 2mm foil to offer additional sound and heat insulation that is essential for soundproofing the car and keep the vibrations at bay.
  • One Box of 8.9 sq ft 7mm back wall sound insulators is required to provide two in one layer solutions for sound damping and acoustic sound absorption. This product has been remanufactured for C10 and is currently in production.
  • 80 ft black foil tape (one roll in the kit) is sufficient to give a final touch on the insulation with proper taping.

It’s OK you’re able to follow the instructions given above to insulate the car with C10 pro-Vibrodampening kit products. Still, please hire a professional who can do the task of protecting the vehicle to perfection. They are experienced and know how to give proper coverage to the car with the products available in the kit. If you do and lose the way between, the whole kit will get wasted as the Vibrodampening kit, once placed, can’t be used again at another place after its removal from the actual position.

Suppose you’re worried about the price before taking a step ahead to buy a c10 pro-Vibrodamping kit, nothing to worry about as the total package is very reasonable and will surely come in your budget. You can place the Vibrodampening mat in essential areas rather than covering the whole vehicle inside and out. But the fact is nothing is more expensive for you than your vehicle and this aspect matters a lot to you and your reputation.


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