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Buyer’s Guide on Selecting an Athletic T-shirt


Are you looking forward to an athletic t-shirt? The first factor that can strike your mind when buying an athletic t-shirt in comfort. Because athletes have to perform several body movements, an athletic t-shirt must be supportive.

An athletic t-shirt is different from the usual t-shirt. Therefore, the fabric of the athletic t-shirt has to qualify for certain criteria. Some of them are flexibility and durability. Besides these factors, there are some other criteria that are important to consider. Check out the list below.

1) Fabric

The fabric of an athletic t-shirt is different from the other t-shirts. In other t-shirts, you may have a choice, but in athletic t-shirts, you must compulsorily have the below-mentioned fabric.

• Cotton

Cotton makes any cloth comfortable; therefore, in a tri-blend t-shirt, some portion of the fabric is reserved for cotton. Every athletic t-shirt has 25% cotton because it is a natural fabric that absorbs moisture and keeps the player’s body cool. It makes your t-shirt breathable. So, when you run, jog, or perform rigorous exercises, you won’t feel choked due to heat or sweat.

• Polyester

Polyester fabric is strong. It doesn’t require much maintenance and care. You can stretch polyester fabric and machine-wash it. Moreover, polyester is abrasion and wrinkle resistant. It is strong, lightweight, and of reliable quality.

• Rayon

Rayon is smooth, comfortable, and soft to touch. It is a fabric that you can wear in a humid climate. Usually, you can find 25% rayon in almost every athletic t-shirt due to its specific qualities.

Athletic T-shirt

Whenever you are up to buying a shirt online, consider buying a tri-blend t-shirt. You can find attributes of all three fabrics in that athletic t-shirt. Apart from this, there are some technical features important to consider in an athletic t-shirt. Jump on the next point to know about it.

2) Technical features

What are some technical features to look for in a black t-shirt online? As stated above, an athletic t-shirt is different from the usual t-shirt; it has some technical features which aid you while performing the athletic activity. Some of the features are mentioned below-

Athletic T-shirt - Playmaker Clothing

3) All-weather t-shirts

The most important feature of an athletic t-shirt is it must be wearable in all-weather. Whether you are working out in a warm climate, winters, or in a humid climate, the all-weather t-shirts are comfortable in all seasons.

4) Perfect for outdoor activities

Athletic t-shirts are perfect for outdoor activities such as trekking, hiking, skiing, and other activities. During outdoor activity, the body goes through a lot of stretching. You may have to move your arm in different directions, your neck and shoulder movement will also play a role, and various other body movements will also be there that you may not have imagined.

Therefore, all those above mentioned features must be there in your athletic t-shirt so that you can feel comfortable during your outdoor activities and other exercises.

5) The t-shirt cut

No matter how stylish your t-shirt is or how comfortable you feel in your t-shirt. The t-shirt cut determines how good it will look on you. But, how will you determine whether the t-shirt looks perfect on you or not? A slim-fit t-shirt hugs your curves, thus closely fitting you. The regular fit t-shirt is neither too loose nor too closely fitted. It is classic. On the contrary, oversized t-shirts are loose and longer than the standard cut.

6) Neckline type

The neckline is another important thing to consider. Several types of neckline t-shirts are available in various online stores. Some are round neck and v-neck, while others are zip-line neck and crew neck. Consider your body type and shoulder structure, and figure out which neckline type will suit you.

7) Color

Athletic T-shirt - Playmaker Clothing

Color is a personal choice. However, some factors may influence the choice of color, whether you are performing activities outdoors or indoors. Avoid flashy colors for outdoor activities because they may produce more heat, but if you are performing exercise at home, you can opt for dark colors. Athletic gray t-shirts online can be a good option for both indoor and outdoor exercise. You can also wear gray t-shirts for other purposes like traveling, trekking, parties, etc.


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