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Buy loafers this season:


Caporicci loafers are stylish and comfortable shoes. Choosing loafers that will serve as a convenient option for every day is not easy.

  • Appearance

Italian penny loafers can be worn on all occasions. The leather is stretched on the shoe from below, and from above, it is fastened with an open seam. The seam is decorated with an ornament, and the tongue is decorated with fringes, tassels, or a crossbar.

  • Material

Modern manufacturers sew capriccio loafers from the pony, calfskin, python, crocodile, and other soft and durable materials. To determine the quality of genuine leather, you need to squeeze the toe of the shoe. If you are looking at leather and not a substitute, the material will first shrink and return to its original state. You can also rely on tactile sensations when choosing a pair.

Italian Alligator Tassel Loafer by Caporicci

Classic models of shoes are made of soft and thin leather, which has “breathable” properties. You can choose these shoes for both summer and autumn; they will not restrict movement. Depending on the model, Italian penny loafers can have a flat sole, a small heel, or spikes on the sole.

When buying Italian penny loafers made of leather, consider whether you will wear them every day, or this is an option “on the way out.” Everyday items most often have a minimum of decorative details, such as tassels, fringes, or an elegant buckle. You can pair these loafers with straight trousers, jeans, shorts, breeches, or a knee-length skirt.

Loafers can be made of textured leather, popular two-tone models, and options with lacing, edging in contrasting colors. Ideally, leather loafers should have porous insoles – they absorb moisture better. When buying, check the quality of seams and finishes and the strength of the hardware attachment. The sole should also be soft, and at the same time strong. A pair of calfskin can last a considerable time; it is characterized by incredible softness. However, other materials are also welcome if you choose loafers from well-known brands.

Italian penny loafers are made of natural materials that allow the foot to breathe, prevent the appearance of fungi and other diseases, and provide comfort when wearing.

Black Men’s Italian Slip-on Penny Loafer Shoe By Calzoloria Toscana “Santor”

Sometimes owners of such shoes may face the problem of greasy spots on the surface. Ordinary starch can remove them, which is applied directly to the stain and aged for half an hour. After that, clean the remains from the shoes with a fluffy brush or toothbrush. If the color remains after this procedure, it is necessary to strengthen starch with ammonia in a small amount. When mixed, you should get a gruel, which is superimposed on the stain. It lasts for a while and then is washed off under running water.

You should opt for Italian penny loafers. They are suitable for dates, meetings with friends, office work, traveling, and walking. You can wear such shoes on different occasions.


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