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Burmese Sapphire Gemstone Ring

Burma sapphire ring

Burmese Sapphire of the finest quality is known for its royal blue color and attractive luster. The best Burma sapphire ring show a rich, intense, slightly violet color with strong saturation. The prized possessions of royal and discerning collectors, untreated Burmese gems have been honored and passed down from generation to generation.

Jewelry trends are changing, and multicolored gems have come out as a modern favorite among modern girls. Nowadays, diamonds have to share the throne of being with a special blue gemstone. Today, people prefer the Burmese Sapphire for a unique and personal approach. Sapphires add a touch of class and charm to any piece, bringing a modern twist to the classic design. Sapphire is in fashion for several reasons.

Sapphire has consistently enjoyed a fair price point, unlike diamonds, as the supply was not under the management of any one organization.

Sales of genuine sapphires are increasing as soon as consumers become aware of the value of natural gemstones. And, of course, the recent use of sapphires in engagement rings and jewelry will only increase its value over time. Now is the right time to add Burmese Sapphire to your collection.

Unique Color and Durable for Daily Wear

Sapphire ranks nine on the hardness scale, meaning it is exceedingly scratch resistant. Sapphire also has excellent toughness.

Every gemstone is different, with a seemingly endless variety of colors. This means that you will enjoy a Burma sapphire ring that is as unique as the relationship you are celebrating. Sapphire gems are available in innumerable colors with a distinct symbolic meaning. With Sapphire jewelry, the customization is front and center.

Sapphire’s attractive Royal Blue color gives it a unique look that is hard to resist. This is why this magnificent gemstone has become a favorite choice for men and women when it comes to jewelry pieces such as rings, pendants, bracelets, and necklaces. The beautiful blue shade of Sapphire can take your style from original to fabulous!

Sapphire belongs to a family of traditional jewels worn for countless generations, but like all true classics, they remain reachable and relevant even in this modern age.

Van Cleef and Arpels use Diamond and Gold

Adorned with Corolla in various sizes, the seven-flower bracelet in yellow gold is a tribute to the vitality of nature. Maison’s impeccable savior finds its way into this magnificent piece of jewelry, which has been meticulously mirrored polished to reflect light in the most eclectic fashion.

The new Frivole collection includes three jewelry pieces in yellow gold and three others in white gold. Crafted from white gold and complemented with a splash of diamonds, this versatile ring can be paired with formal wear or original party dresses.

Van Cleef & Arpel is in the “between fingers” Alhambra series of classic elements. Magic Alhambra refers to the various shapes of four-leaf grass patterns that resonate with each other, with two exquisite beauty of alfalfa linked to the mysterious hidden Van Cleef and Arpels ring.

Inexpensive Van Cleef & Arpels Frivole ring series of each piece of delicate bright yellow gold petals angled to brighten the design of the heart shape. The three petals form the main styling of the Frivol series, in contrast to the central gem. Frivol implies the ring is made up of a large and a small petal, and the diamond’s central mosaic, the lifelike figure show gem, shows very bright light.


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