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Best Ice Cream Shop In Columbia

ice cream shop in Columbia

With the blazing heat in the summer months, it’s good to know where you can visit the best ice cream shop in Columbia. For those looking for the perfect assortment of flavors by Hershey’s, the food court at Columbiana Center is the best destination. Here the locals’ favorite ice cream parlor starts the day by displaying fourteen flavors always, though sometimes a few options are sold out faster than expected. The owner recommends customers looking for a specific flavor by Hershey’s should contact them to ensure it hasn’t been sold out or let the experts behind the counter suggest something equally delicious. For long time favorites in Columbia like their Super Banana Split, the ice cream parlor ensures all the ingredients are always available.

Compared to some ice cream shops in Columbia, the parlor at Columbiana Centre has a relatively limited number of options on their menu. They believe in fantastic flavors and high-quality ingredients in everything they serve their loyal customers from across town. It’s not that Hershey’s ice creams only has fourteen flavors, it’s the family-owned business’ decision to display only those that are the best from all the flavors for a particular season. They are constantly looking for feedback from customers whether verbal or through their social media channels. Their team members make suggestions also about which flavors will be popular based on their one-on-one interaction with customers visiting the ice cream shop. Even fourteen flavors are a lot when each one is delicious beyond doubt and the options don’t confuse customers.

The ‘seasonal’ flavors of Hershey’s ice cream currently available from their Premium range – Deep Dish Apple Pie, Egg Nog, Peppermint Bark Moose Tracks, Peppermint Stick, Pumpkin, and Very Berry Patriotic. Apart from these, the ‘new’ flavors introduced – Green Mint Grasshopper, Midnight Peanut Butter Marshmallow, and Mystical Mermaid. If you visit the ice cream parlor, only the flavors from these that many customers are likely to choose will be available. It’s also suggested you don’t get hooked on a seasonal flavor to avoid the frustration you’ll feel when it is discontinued at the end of winter/ summer. However, the team members behind the counter will know a close match or another flavor that’s just as cool. Interacting with hundreds of customers every week makes them knowledge banks for ice creams by Hershey’s.

Apart from ice cream cups, cones, milkshakes, sundaes, and smoothies, the shop in Columbia also offers a signature frozen dessert – Dragon’s Breath. It’s a mix of liquid nitrogen and cereal balls to titillate your taste buds and make vapor pour out from your nose and mouth like the dragon from a fantasy novel. This highly recommended staff choice is what gives the ice cream parlor its name.

If you have a big appetite or are particularly hungry, you can create your own ice cream sundae at Dragon’s Breath ice cream shop in Columbia. It’s called the Sky High Sundae and you can choose three different scoops of ice cream and two toppings to create your dream dessert. The Super Banana Split is also three scoops of ice cream and it has always been very popular. If you are looking for something which can be consumed quickly but does not compromise on taste, try their milkshakes with ice cream. Everything is served as a carry-out to maintain hygiene and allow the customer to enjoy their frozen dessert anywhere. If you are interested in something flavorful but not very high on calories, milkshakes and smoothies are available in three serving sizes. On the contrary, if you just need something for your sweet tooth, you could order one scoop of any flavor in a cup.

Dragon’s Breath is an independent family-owned business which opened their ice cream shop in South Carolina’s capital city, Columbia, in 2017 with the concept of offering something for everyone. Keeping this in mind, their menu includes everything an ice cream parlor should serve and a special frozen dessert. Pricing was decided keeping everybody in mind that might visit their parlor in the food court at Columbiana Centre. Hershey’s (Hershey Creamery Company) which is now over one hundred and twenty-five years old was chosen because of their vast experience in manufacturing high-quality ice cream and delectable sauces used for sundaes, smoothies, milkshakes and more. Over the years, Dragon’s Breath has gained a large number of loyal customers for their superb selection of Hershey’s ice creams and team members who go out of their way to keep customers happy.


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