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Benefits Of Yohimbe Men’s Health Supplement


Yohimbe is a dietary men’s health supplement. It is obtained from the bark of African evergreen trees. This supplement is mainly used to treat the problem of erectile dysfunction in men. However, there are several other benefits of Yohimbe supplements for men’s health. Due to these benefits, it is among the top supplements for men. This blog lists the benefits of Yohimbe men’s supplements.

It is a herbal supplement, which has been used as a traditional supplement in Western Africa to improve men’s sexual health.

Yohimbe Helps Improve Erectile Dysfunction

Yohimbe is among the top supplements for men that help improve erectile dysfunction. A review of seven studies had claimed that Yohimbe is a more effective men’s health supplement for curing erectile dysfunction than a placebo.

Researchers conducted a study on 82 male patients with erectile dysfunction. After one month, about 34% of the patients reported partial recovery, whereas 20% reported full recovery from ED.

Yohimbe may help in Fat-Burning and Weight Loss

Researchers conducted a study on 20 athletes. They directed them to take Yohimbe men’s health supplements daily for a particular period. The results of this study showed a reduction in the athletes’ body fat levels from 9.3 to 7.1%. The consumption of Yohimbe before exercise or during fasting helps increase fat breakdown. Three clinical trials showed this result in three clinical trials.

In research conducted on obese mice, Yohimbe showed a reduction in appetite and food intake. The evidence regarding the Yohimbe support to weight loss comes from a few studies.

Yohimbe may Help Reduce Internal Blood Clots

Internal blood clotting can cause heart attack, stroke, or kidney failure. Several clinical studies showed that Yohimbe helps reduce blood clotting by converting epinephrine to norepinephrine and blocking alpha-2 adrenoceptors. Again, the studies to support this are limited.

Yohimbe may Help Cure Type 2 Diabetes

Researchers conducted a study on 50 patients with type-2 diabetes. The results of this study showed that Yohimbe helped increase the insulin levels in those patients. Another study was conducted on rats in which Yohimbe decreased blood sugar levels and increased insulin. Because there are limited studies that show Yohimbe helps control blood sugar levels, doctors do not recommend it as a supplement to diabetic patients.

Yohimbe may Help Improve Memory

Researchers conducted a study on 36 adults to confirm the impact of Yohimbe men’s health supplements on memory enhancement. The results of this study showed that Yohimbe increased norepinephrine levels in those patients, which resulted in memory enhancement. However, another study on rats showed that Yohimbe decreased their memory. Therefore, there is no concrete evidence that proves Yohimbe can improve memory. The pieces of evidence that prove this fact are only small-scale clinical trials.


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