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Benefits of family-based immigration

Citizenship lawyer free consultation
Citizenship lawyer free consultation

Some forms of family-based immigration have always existed in the United States for very long. More than 480,000 visas are granted every year through family-based immigration, and the benefits this legislation has provided to American society are tremendous. A person can apply for U.S. citizenship if he has been a permanent resident of the U.S. continuously for five years. The U.S. government grants a green card or permanent resident card for the tenure of 10 years. One should not worry about their status as a resident of the U.S., as it does not change with the entitled time limit; it is just the card that gets expired and should be renewed before the expiry date approaches. It is the most common basis for legal immigration into the United States. It allows the lawful permanent U.S. residents to request the government to allow their specific family member in the U.S. citizen (green card holder) who is sponsoring the relative must be at least 21 years old. U.S. citizens can file a visa petition for the immigration of their parents, kids, siblings, and spouse. One must provide relevant documents proving their relationship with the individuals and agree to support the migrant relative on their arrival.

Below we have mentioned some of the significant positive aspects of family-based immigration –

  1. Measurable Positive impact

With family-based immigration programs, the U.S. government can control the flow of foreigners who intend to become residents by learning a lot about applicants and their families. Monitoring and controlling this flow provides policymakers with opportunities to measure the impact of immigration in the U.S. On the arrival of newcomers with the help of family-based visas, people have resources and assistance readily available to help them explore the system and find a job or start a business.

  1. Families Are the Best Sources of Financial Support

Legal residents and citizens who sponsor their relatives file I-134 forms proving that they can provide financial support to their sponsored relatives. However, a visa is not granted to you if you can’t financially support them. The underlying economic benefit of this requirement is that it causes families to pool their monetary resources, which must surpass the federal poverty levels in the regions where they reside, thereby reducing the potential of financial hardship. Families may also want to consider completing Form I-864 (Affidavit of Support) and Form I-130. Forms such as the I-134 may be complicated carefully, as it has some complex detailing. So, one must consult a professional and expert citizenship lawyer for a free consultation.

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  1. It Sustains the Future Workforce

Suppose a foreign-based man becomes a U.S. citizen after marrying an American woman through naturalization. He can later sponsor his parents to immigrate when children are born to take care of the kids. This allows working professionals to pursue their careers effortlessly. Simultaneously, Immigrant women who perform domestic maintenance help sustain the current workforce and raise the future workforce. They take care of the elderly and sick people in the home by ensuring the well-being of your home. Their contributions to the economy are not only immediate but will be felt in the future.

  1. Attracting Immigrant Families Is a Smart Policy

Foreigners who sponsor their relatives to join them on their American journey intend to have a better and safer future together. It offers a fertile environment for the development of businesses. Extended immigrant families ease economic assimilation and promote investment in U.S. human capital and new and innovative businesses. Foreign-born entrepreneurs have created various outstanding and brilliant companies. Most of the firms which are an icon of high-tech innovation were started by immigrants. Many of them came to the country on family-based visas.

The legal process is time-taking and complex, and even a small omission can get your entire application rejected. It is advised to contact the best attorney who will assist you throughout the process and will immediately provide you relevant solutions to your query. Some of the prominent immigration lawyers offer online consultation free of cost.


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