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Why Beer Cans Available In NZ Online Liquor Store Are Better Choice Than Bottle Stored Beer?


You may have noticed some wide changes in the packaging of some biggest beer brands for the past few years. It’s not just the types of beer neither the taste; it’s, in fact, the increasing number of beer cans that is available in NZ online liquor store and are getting more and more popular. Cans beer is nowadays becoming a trend, and you will be spoiled for choice when exploring its online collection.

However, the rising popularity of beer has once again sparked the debate: can beers better than bottled beer? With the approach to scientific facts and research, today we will explain it in detail so you will have no confusion when placing an order for your favorite beverage, i.e. beer.

  • Protect beer inside

Cans beer brands like Carlsberg Elephant can, Tennent’s Lager beer cans are made for protecting the booze poured inside the can. The biggest enemies of a beer that can affect its longevity and taste are light, oxygen, and heat. Unfortunately, all these enemies can easily affect the booze poured inside the bottle. However, cans are made of good quality aluminum to form an airtight seal so it can protect the beer from getting into contact with light and air.

  • Keep beer fresh for a long time

As mentioned above beer cans are successful in limiting the exposure to both light and air, they can also keep the beer inside the can fresh for longer. During the canning process, the aluminum can is completely sealed from corners; it prevents oxygen from reaching the beer and keeps the booze fresher until someone opens the can. Apart from it, you can also consider cheap alcohol in NZ available in aluminum cans and can store it in your refrigerator for a long time.

  • Save the authentic flavors

Beer is all about its aroma and flavors. And since bottle beers allow light, air, and heat inside the booze and it fails to preserve its flavor and leave behind a stale and flat-taste flavored brew. Cans beer, on the other hand, kept the booze inside the dark environment that keeps the beer delicious as well as fresh, crisp, and flavorful.

  • Portable when traveling

Whether you plan for hiking, camping, or beach trip, beverage brands like Heineken can, Speights can perfectly go with such outdoor activities. Beer cans are far more portable and easier to carry when you are traveling or enjoying outdoor activities. They are convenient to pack in a container filled with ice and stay fresh for a long time. Moreover, they don’t get a break while traveling, unlike bottle beers.

  • Look classy

This one is definitely subjective but if any other factor that you need to consider after the flavor, preservation, and portability, then it will be attractiveness. And of course, in comparison with bottle beer, can look more classy and stylish. Due to the packaging, beer cans have been widely ordered for special occasions for showing the status.

  • Eco-friendly

Anything that doesn’t harm the environment will not even harm humans when it comes to consumption. And since aluminum cans can be recyclable than bottle cans, this makes it an even better and safer choice. According to the research, 70% of aluminum ever produced for pouring beer are still in use today. For our nature and our health also, cans beer is an ideal choice over bottles.

Without any doubt, this whole unending debate concludes that cans beer is best housed in an aluminum can. Thus, the clear winner is the cans of beer available in an online liquor store. Place the online order right away to understand the difference by yourself.


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