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Beaker vs. Straight Tube Bongs- What’s The Difference?


Learning about different types of bongs? Then this article is going to the best for you to learn about beaker bongs and straight tube bongs. There is a wide range of bongs available on the market, offering different sizes, styles, and designs made with a different variety of materials. Moreover, good quality and convenient bong have the capability to make vapers’ experience smooth and enjoyable. The water in the bong filters the substance and cools the heat of the vapor, and makes it less harsh to the users.

And among all types of bongs, water bongs, beakers bongs, and silicon bongs are the preferable bongs available on the market- you can easily buy them from a reputed store. Let’s learn more about beaker bongs and their big competition straight tube bongs;

What Is A Beaker Bong?

 A beaker bong shape is similar to the regular beaker used in the laboratories. They are designed with a bulbous rounded bottom that comes with a more slender rounded neck. Here, the larger rounded part at the bottom of the beaker makes it more potent and stable. Moreover, the beaker bong also comes in a cone shape.

Benefits Of Beaker Bongs:

One of the parts of the beaker bong is that they come with a larger base which makes them the best or better for sitting on the tabletop. Moreover, with the narrow neck, beaker bongs are less likely that you will get water in your mouth when you are taking a hit. This is one of the best points of beaker bongs that makes them more special for regular vapers. Moving on, there are some beaker bongs that come with an ice catcher installed. This is specifically for holding ice that can also help reduce splashing up into your mouth and help to cool down the heat of vapors.

When it comes to the looks of beaker bongs, they are very interesting to look at. Beaker bongs are much easier to clean than other bongs. In simple words, a beaker bong is a small package of all basic facilities.

“Note: A small beaker bong can produce big and strong hits, which means size is not much essential when it comes buying beakers bongs.”

What Is A Straight Tube Bong?

Straight tube bong’s name is self-explanatory- it is quite long in size and with straight cylinder shape popping up with the bowl on one side and a carburetor.

“Note: Carburetor is a small hole to be covered during the hit that helps create suction.”

Benefits Of Straight Tube Bongs:

The straight tube bongs are much well equipped with additional features like ice catchers, percolators, and various chambers.

These types of bongs can also have a removable down stem which works as a great feature.

Another plus point about the straight tube bong is that since they have less space inside the chamber, it can make it much easier to clean the chamber without working hard to pull out the waste hash. However, the size of the chamber can vary depending on the size of the straight tube bong you chose.

Which Bong Is Perfect To Go With?

When it comes to choosing among one of these, then first you need to understand that both bongs have their own set of advantages and few drawbacks. But they both work well for vaping purposes and have been available on the market for an extended period. However, while choosing one of the bongs completely depends on your personal preference. Moreover, if you are using bong for medicinal purposes, then a smaller size bong is quite best to go with. But if you are a party person and want to take it on the trip, then choose the larger bong version.


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