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Automatic watering of a site – saving time and effort to maintain the area


Keep your lawn looking great, and save water too with Orlando head-to-head sprinkler repair! For the lawn and plants on the site to please the eye with juicy and bright greenery, it is necessary to organize the correct watering of the territory. Of course, you can water the area yourself using a regular hose with a spray nozzle or a watering can. Still, it is much easier and more efficient to organize an auto watering system that works without human intervention.

What is an automatic irrigation system for?

All plants in the area, including lawn grass, flowers in flower beds, plants on alpine slides, ornamental shrubs, and trees, require a specific watering regime. Timely receipt of water in the right volume will ensure stable growth of plants, eliminating the need for additional care. The automatic irrigation system will solve most of the problems associated with plant care. In particular, the system provides the following operational benefits:

  • Watering on time, 1 or 2 times a day, considering the time of day and the sun’s position. Some plants can only be watered after the sun has gone down or at night to avoid sunburn and excessive greenhouse effects. The system will follow the set mode, working at the set hours;
  • Provides metered watering – the correct amount of water, to exclude waterlogging of the territory or vice versa, drying out of the soil, eliminating unpleasant odors or poor plant growth;
  • Adequate distribution – uniform watering of plants throughout the site is ensured, there are no dry soil areas, the grass grows evenly, and has the same color.

The automatic plant irrigation system has programmable functionality, with the ability to precisely adjust the irrigation date and the amount of water used. It works without problems and failures, making it easier to care for the territory. Such systems are mandatory for areas where a summer cottage’s complex and expensive landscape design is made.

When do you need an automatic irrigation system?

Automatic watering is designed primarily to create comfortable conditions for plants for stable growth and development. However, these systems also make it easier to take care of the plants and save the time of the site owners caring for the territory. An irrigation system is required in the following cases:

  • You don’t have enough time to rinse regularly on your own – you need to water it every day, it takes a bunch of time, and for people employed at work, this option is optimal since you do not need to waste precious time caring for the territory;
  • You often go on business trips, leave your house unattended for more than 2-3 days – a long absence of watering is detrimental to plants, and if in your absence there is no one to look after the garden, it is better to entrust this to an automatic watering system;
  • Many plants on the site require different care. It is not easy to make a mistake in dosing water. If you water all the plants the same way, then one of the plants will feel uncomfortable. The correct dosage will provide drip irrigation or other types of automatic soil irrigation systems.

Auto-irrigation is a modern solution for owners who want the site to be in order with minimal maintenance.

Varieties of automatic watering systems for plants

Auto-irrigation includes the use of various systems that provide care for plants on the territory. In particular, the following mechanisms can be used:

  • Automatic sprayers – provide uniform irrigation of a large area, optimally suited for lawn care. At the request of the customer, they can be external or hidden, with retractable spray units hidden below the ground level;
  • The automatic drip irrigation system is an excellent solution for flower beds, alpine slides, and vertical gardening. It provides spot and metered water to the root system. If necessary, fertilizing and other care substances can be added to the water.

For irrigation, pumps or compressor stations are installed that provide the required level of pressure when supplying water. It is possible to connect to both central systems and wells. The design includes filter blocks or sedimentation tanks for the preparation of water used for irrigation. A professional system of automatic irrigation of the lawn or drip irrigation will provide proper care while the soil remains invisible during operation.

Orlando lawn sprinkler timer repair is a perfect way to ensure that your grass gets the water it needs. So you don’t wait any longer and contact a customirrigation.us that takes care of your different needs and impeccably suits them.






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