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Arranging Rides for Medical Testing & Family gatherings


You will still need to meet your daily health requirements, especially if you require testing and procedures, regardless of the prevailing situation. Missing appointments, testing, and treatments can mean rescheduling it in the future. However, delaying the treatment can cause severe health complications. The disabled community that utilizes wheelchairs requires a reliable, safe transportation option that considers their needs. Suppose you are no longer able to drive or are experiencing challenges that make driving challenging. In that situation, our services can ensure that you get where you need to go while also ensuring that you don’t miss critical medical appointments or social occasions like weddings and reunions.

Allow our non-emergency medical transportation to take the wheel if you need assistance picking up medications or shopping for supplies.

Extra Help Required

Transporting patients in wheelchairs or those who require stretchers necessitates specially designed vehicles and trained personnel to assist them in boarding vehicles and entering buildings. It’s critical not to miss your doctor’s appointments. We can help you get to rehabilitation centers, medical appointments, dialysis centers, chemotherapy centers, clinics, and family gatherings.

Rides without delay

Delays in medical treatments can lead to long-term difficulties. Thus patients must arrive on time for their appointments. We take pride in being on time and offering the best customer service possible. We can assist you in maintaining an autonomous household even if you cannot drive by providing transportation to the grocery store, pharmacy, markets, and other sites. If you are looking for adult daycare center transportation in Santa Rosa, then contact us.

Social Engagements

Life doesn’t stop for transportation. Our drivers can arrange travel to weddings, family get-togethers, reunions, social engagements, and other events. A non-emergency car can be reserved for various purposes, including personal use and attending family celebrations and ceremonies. People with physical disabilities are unable to drive great distances to attend family gatherings. Non-emergency vans allow people to travel long distances in comfort. On the way, they supply you with relevant medical assistance. They have the most comfortable vehicle with friendly and competent drivers so that you can reach anywhere quickly.

Community Events

Maintaining community is an essential part of healthy living at any age. We provide transportation to health fairs, support groups, civic meetings, community gatherings, and more.

How Is Non-Emergency Medical Transport Changing the Face of Transportation of the Disabled and Injured?

Regardless of how positively charged and well-spirited a disabled person is, not everything in their lives depends on that same attitude. Unfortunately for people with disabilities, society is yet not fully accustomed to adjusting public spaces to everyone’s needs. This predicament can often cause numerous challenges for people using a wheelchair or other walking aids. However, the good news is that recent decades have encouraged several helpful advancements around helping people with disabilities circulate easier.

Aside from local communities’ making buildings easier to enter and exit, plenty of transportation services have started introducing wheelchair-accessible transportation in their regular taxi and van offers. On that note, if you or a loved one need a handicapped vehicle for a single ride to a social outing or regularly, chances are you’ll find them more effortless than a few years ago. North Bay Med is California’s finest non-emergency medical transportation, ensuring its clients stay well pampered, cared for, and properly handled.

Wheelchair users frequently struggle to get reliable and accessible transportation unless they have someone to take them around, whether it’s family or a personal caregiver. Family members may not always be available to help, especially during the present health crisis, which has left more families with additional duties at home. Patients, particularly those who use a wheelchair, have to meet daily appointments at hospitals and clinics with various issues to deal with. Transportation is one of the most serious issues they face.

So, if you need assistance with adult daycare transportation services in California, feel free to book your ride today.


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