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AR Pistol Grips- Use Your Gun Perfectly In All Conditions!

AR Pistol Grips

Protecting yourself, your family, and your property is a right of any citizen of our country. Unfortunately, law enforcement agencies cannot provide us with 24/7 security, and they are not designed to do so. Therefore, responsible citizens should take care of their safety on their own, especially since there are many means. Using a gun or rifle is one of them.

To use a gun comfortably, you need to know how it works. The art of holding the handgun and correctly aiming and pulling the trigger is essential to become an expert gun user. Different guns have different grips. You may hold a particular gun. But, your shooting ability is reduced up to a great extent if you use a different gun. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right grip for your gun. It allows you to shoot constantly. You should choose Aluminum AR Grips. They are perfect for your gun. But why? Let’s know.

Ergonomic Finger Grooves

Ergonomic finger grooves, a rough surface, and the overall shape of the handle contribute to a secure and comfortable handgrip. These days, manufacturers offer ergonomically designed finger grooves for better hand placement and more accurate shooting during shooting. It allows you to store weapon accessories in the handle. You can have better control over the gun and use it in all conditions.

Aircraft Grade Aluminum

AR pistol grips are made up of aircraft-grade aluminum. It is a heavy-duty deformable aluminum alloy (Al-alloy). They have higher strength, hardness, impact strength, fatigue resistance, and ductility requirements than conventional Al-alloys. They have good mechanical and technological properties and high impact strength at 150 C or higher. They are lightweight, strong, and flexible. Due to its lightness, flexibility, and corrosion resistance, aluminum has become an indispensable material in the production of Mlok forward grips. Its main characteristic is high corrosion resistance. So, the grip lasts longer and allows you to use the gun comfortably in all situations. Just buy Aluminum AR Grips and keep using your gun as usual.

Bulletproof Finish

The bulletproof finish is one of the main reasons why AR pistol grips are popular among gun owners. Because of this feature, police officers, cops, anti-terrorist squads, and army professionals use AR guns. It protects the gun from damage when hit by a countershot fired by robbers, enemies, etc.

AR Pistol Grips Can Fit in All AR Guns

Manufacturers design AR pistol grips so that you can use the purchased grip on all AR guns. The width and dimension of such pistol grips are perfect. However, while purchasing, you must inquire about the seller’s product details and choose the best grip for your gun.


Mlok forward grips are lightweight. It doesn’t add significant weight to the gun or rifle.

Anti-slip Coatings

AR pistol grips are covered with an anti-slip pattern or have integrated, rubberized pads, which guarantees a comfortable fit and eliminates the possibility of weapons slipping. Anatomically adjusted forms will increase the comfort while firing the shot and significantly reduce fatigue when firing for a long time or moving with the need to keep the machine gun in the firing position. Some shooters have a hand cramp during active use of weapons. You can solve this problem by choosing the correct pistol grip.

Maximum Convenience

While firing a shot, the maximum possible convenience leads to an improvement in shooting performance and accuracy. Aluminum AR grips make it possible to control the weapon and aim better and change targets faster. It also reduces the impact of recoil on the shoulder. Grips come with an adjustable palm rest, which allows you to partially reduce the load and focus on the shot, making it more balanced and accurate. These grips are equipped with an adjustable palm rest, which allows you to partially reduce the load and focus on the shot, making it more balanced and accurate. Aluminum AR Grips must remain in your arsenal. It allows you to use the gun with maximum comfort and have great control over your gun.


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