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An Ultimate Guide on Wedding Photography & Wedding Photographers!


Other than all the guests, the delicious food and drinks, the lovely decoration, the luxury venue, the only thing that remains with us are the photographs, once the wedding ends.  

Photographs are the only thing to cherish and remember forever, even after years. It captures all the first look, the exchanging of vows and rings, the first kiss, the first dance, and all the little moments of the day. 

To make such precious and priceless moments a forever memory, we may need professional photographers, like St Augustine, wedding photographers. You might consider hiring one if you are looking for some beautiful, unique, creative, and classy clicks to cherish for years.

The wedding photographs are one of the most treasured pieces to keep the memories alive. Even after years of showing your wedding photographs to your kids or grandkids, you can easily recollect all dance, the kiss, the ring ceremony, and the amazing memories of the day. 

To make such things possible, first, you need to choose the perfect photographer. Since this person will be there the entire time to capture the most important and special day of your life, so you must make your decision wisely and keep in mind the following point to choose your wedding photographer: 

  • Determine your needs: First, you need to know what style of photography you and your partner want. 
  • Talk to various photographers, and then choose the best one that fits your style and needs. 
  • While talking to the photographers, you may look for their most recent and best works.
  • Discuss your budget with them and other charges for the day
  • You may also ask for a test run, like scheduling a photoshoot before your wedding day to avoid unwanted mistakes. 


Once you are prepared with these things, you are good to search for your wedding photographer. You may even consider St Augustine wedding photographers, for a better experience, consistency, and perfection in all your photographs and videos.   

We all wish to have a fairy tale dream wedding, with the perfect wedding dress, a beautiful venue, delicious food, and stunning decoration! However, the design and style may vary from person to person; what one likes may not be suitable for the other one. 

It would be obvious when you hire a professional photographer; they are well experienced to deliver the best results. However, in many cases, people can give special instructions to their photographs in advance. 

If you have something specific in your mind, you can talk with your photographer; like the location where you want your pictures clicked, the shots you want to get clicked, even if you have planned a surprise for your partner and stealing a kiss or it can be anything you want because it is your day you should make the best out of it.   

Now that you can choose your perfect wedding photographer, you must also know about wedding photography. You can even look for St Augustine Wedding Photography for professional and perfect shots of your wedding. 

Mainly there are two types of photography styles that you must know:

  • Traditional wedding photography
  • Candid wedding photography 

Wedding photography has been in trend over the few years to reflect people’s real emotions. Here are some of the most trending photography styles you can try for your wedding. 

  • You can allow your photographer to the bridal and groom’s room to capture the beautiful moment of them getting ready in their wedding dress. 
  • Make sure to capture the portrait: It is your day, so Bragg your dress and the pretty veil and become a spotlight. 
  • Capturing the bridal and groom’s party can be one of those special, raw, and natural moments. With all the laughter and enjoyment with your squad, you can get the perfect clicks for years. 
  • Put everyone together in a group and get a happy picture with all your loved ones in one frame. 
  • Getting some good clicks with the cute little bridesmaid with flowers around might give you an adorable picture. 
  • The “I do” moment of smile and tears is worth capturing! 
  • The stealing a kiss moment! 
  • The exit of bride and groom after they are married
  • Do not forget to click on some good pictures of the wedding cake. 

Suppose you are all set for your wedding, and you are already planning the above scenarios in your mind. In that case, you can have a look at St Augustine Wedding Photography for heart-melting memories to cherish for a lifetime.


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