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All You Need to Know About Public Relations Services


As the business grows, each executive faces a problem: is it worth hiring public relations managers on the staff, or is it better to entrust these functions to a PR agency. The answer strongly depends on the business itself, its scale and specifics of activity, as well as on the goals set for the PR department and the amount of work to be done. Each form of cooperation has its own pros and cons. In some cases, it is more beneficial to hire public relations services in Cleveland, Ohio, even if you already have a manager responsible for this business function.


Why is PR needed at all?

The most demanded result of PR activity is to enhance the visibility and relatively free promotion of their goods and services due to their mention in PR publications and comments.

The second important result of PR work is the creation of trust in the company and in its products. If you are selling something new and incomprehensible, you have a startup or services that cannot be “touched”, trust will greatly affect sales.

How to hire a public relations agency?

The popularization of your company and its public relations cannot be trusted by non-professionals. For most business people, it is enough just to manage their company or branch. The need to also worry about managing her image is too much. Therefore, if you cannot fully devote yourself to this work, hire management consulting and public relations services.

The process of finding the right PR agency is a lot like the process of finding an advertising agency. First, be clear about what this agency will do for you. Then check his recommendations, look at the list of clients, read a few of the press releases he has issued, and check out the list of reports they have given in the media. In addition, pay attention to the below-mentioned aspects:

  • No connections, no contract. It’s very simple. No agency can guarantee you any specific results. Those who say otherwise should not be contacted because they are lying. However, you still need people who have access to journalists and producers at all times. Then, if you are in urgent need of print coverage, you have a better chance of getting it. You are hiring people to run one of the most important aspects of your business, so be absolutely confident that they can get the job done. At the same time, don’t expect too much. Even the smartest public relations specialist won’t be able to arrange for you to appear on the Today show if you have nothing to say.


  • Hire someone with lateral thinking. Your press agents don’t have to wait for you to tell them to contact the media. Their responsibilities, among other things, should include tracking the news and asking your point of view on any topic that might affect your business, even in passing. If you own a chain of flower shops, your press agent has to iron the pavements, trying to arrange an interview for you on any occasion: a gravedigger strike, the death of a prominent figure, a new dye from the leaves of a rare plant. The idea is to keep you in the public eye and maximize the number of positive associations people have with you as much as possible.


  • Agree on payment. Don’t agree to pay for every media coverage. Instead, pay on the results and on the results as you understand them. For most PR agencies and press agents, this will come as a shock, but if you insist on this principle of payment, you can be sure that they will be much more responsible in their approach to their work.

If you want to promote your company and products using PR after reading this text, you can contact our management consulting and public relations services. Hiring PR professionals implies that you will get well-researched information and keep up to date with the latest in your industry. Also, it facilitates companies to analyze the results of their PR and marketing campaigns.


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