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All You Need to Know About Nail Art Products


Nail art is increasingly becoming a popular medium used by many to express their style and creativity. With the range of products and tools available today, you can use nail art to add that wow factor to your look.

You could buy best nail art products online or visit beauty supply stores to get your fill of premium quality nail products. The article will take you through products that should find a place in your nail art kit.

Nail Art Products You Need to Know About

Nail Polish

Nail polish is the most basic product that should be a part of your nail art kit. You could explore a range of different shades, tones, and textures when it comes to nail polish. It would be best to buy shades like white, black, pink, and red, as they are often used for nail art.

You could also look into premium nail polish like the ones from Gelish that you can cure in a LED lamp. These gel polishes can stay on your nails for a good three weeks. Look for professional Gelish nail products for sale to build a budget-friendly at-home nail art kit.

Base and Top Coat

A base coat is a product that will add a protective layer to your natural nails. The coat will also provide you with a clean canvas to work on. On the other hand, a top coat will extend the lifetime of the nail art or the manicure. It protects the design and also adds a layer of shine to the nails.


Glitter is one product that can make any art piece pop, and the same goes for your nails. You can choose to buy Gelish nail art products online that provide a shimmer or metallic effect. You can also buy loose glitter and customize the nail art according to your preference.

You could apply a layer of topcoat, dip your nails in glitter and remove any excess with a brush. You can then seal the effect with another layer of topcoat.

Nail Stamping Kit

If you want to combine convenience and style, explore the range of nail stamping kits. These kits typically include a stamping plate that has various designs engraved on them. Then, you apply the nail polish to the design, carefully scrape away the extra, press the nail stamp on the design and transfer it onto your nails.

Nail Dipping Powder Kit

The dipping powder consists of finely-milled colored powder that is applied to the nails using an adhesive. The technique lets you customize your nails in different colors and designs while providing the durability of acrylic nails.

These dipping powders do not require curing LED lamps; thus, it is cost and time-efficient product. Moreover, one can maintain the result for a good two to four weeks.

Files and Buffers

Your natural nails or the extensions need to be prepped before you can apply any products to them. Files are used to shape the nail enhancements into your desired shape. They are also used to file and smoothen the surface.

On the other hand, buffers are used to even out the surface of the nail enhancement and prepare it for professional Gelish nail products for sale you buy. Therefore, files and buffers are the essential tools that you should have in your nail art kit, even as a beginner.

Marbling Tools

Marbling or dotting tools are accessories that help you create simple to extravagant nail designs. They typically come in a set of 5 with ten different-sized heads. You can use nail polish, gel, or acrylics to add dots, create zigzags, or blend colors.


There are several nail art brushes you can include in your kit, depending on your expertise. For example, there are oval and square gel brushes that you can use to pick up more products or wipe down inhibition layers. Then there is the micro brush that you can use to create intricate patterns and designs.

Your basic nail art kit should include products such as files, buffers, cuticle pusher remover, nail polish, nail polish remover, and tools to transfer or apply designs. When you want to buy best nail art products online, look at the range and quality of products offered by the store. Make the most of discounts offered on first-time orders and member offers.


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