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All You Need to Know About Lace Closure Hair Piece


People use a lace closure to make sew-in weaves. A lace closure is a component of hairpieces on the forehead. The hair strands, tied on transparent or light brown lace, give a natural look to your tresses.

If you are about to use a lace closure hairpiece for the first time, you need to know certain essential things about them.

Read this post to learn what you need to know.

Sizes and Color

A lace closure is available in various sizes, such as 4×4, 5×5, and 7×7. You can pick the size suited to your needs. Buy 7×7 lace closure to have a deep hairline on your forehead.

Most lace closures have light-brown lace. Nowadays, transparent lace is more in demand. You can pick a transparent lace closure to create an invisible one. To look highly fashionable and capture eyes at any place, you can go for red hair extensions.


Lace closure additions to your hair last two to three weeks when you use glue. If you co-wash closure hair, it lasts for approximately a year. If you misuse the closure, hair will be shed.


Your extension installation looks more natural with a lace front closure, but it demands proper maintenance to make your lace front look stylish.

Follow the tips below to maintain your lace closure:

Be Gentle

No matter what, you should always be gentle with your lace closure hairpiece. It will damage and make you look bald if you scratch it with fingernails, rough washing, or tugging.

Hair loss on closures occurs as they are not like normal extensions. Every hair is separately knotted and attached to the base with a strong glue. However, your sure looks natural but also gets delicate.

Brush Nicely

If you brush your closure properly, it will stay longer. Run your comb gently through the hair ends and hold down your roots when brushing to prevent too much tugging.

Don’t Apply Excessive Heat.

Extra heat damages extended hair, but you can have excellent curls. Bendy and soft rollers give you the desired curl without heat application.

Put lace closure on your damp/dry hair. You can use many hair styling products which don’t need heat and look great without burning your hair.

Use the Most Appropriate Products

The styling products you use for hair extensions play a pivotal role in the overall look. Many drug store products may have your lace front even after being convenient.

Avoid using products with a high alcohol content as these can cause tangling and hair damage. Spend on and use pH acidic products for the perfect care. If you ever get confused with too many options, you can ask someone for recommendations in the hair extension store.

Wrap it Up

Your lace front may look perfect when you go to sleep, but you wake up to a hairy mess if you don’t wrap it up. You will have to add proper closure maintenance to your nightly routine to maintain freshness.

Don’t go to bed with a wet weave. Ensure the hair is dry to prevent tangles and control the musty wig odor. Gently brush your dry wig and closure, and then tie on a satin/silk scarf. A pillow or satin cap can also help you to do the trick. You can toss and turn without worrying about tangles and breakages.

Consult Your Stylist

You can bleach or dye your lace front closure, but you should not do it yourself. With years of professional experience, a stylist can take care of your tresses and give you the desired results.

Lace closures are the perfect option for all heads and look real. However, a poor application can make them appear wiggy. The experience of stylists will help you give your hair a natural look. Your lace front closure will last longer if you follow a proper maintenance regime. You can look your best every day.

The Bottom Line

As now you know, the essential things about lace closure hairpieces, you should think twice if you want to buy and wear them. Once you make a considerable investment in your closure and bundles, you should hope to get a high ROI.

Besides following the maintenance tips mentioned above, you should also visit your stylist every two weeks for perfect maintenance, including washes.


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