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All you need to know about Folding Carton Equipment

folding carton equipment
folding carton equipment

Folding carton equipment is essential for many businesses, whether they have automated packaging equipment or order packaging from third parties. This is especially useful when companies are engaged in the large-scale production of goods that require a range of packaging solutions.

Good wrappers will protect your food from dust, damage, and other forms of constriction. It is now becoming easier for companies to invest in wrapping machines to handle their unique daily operations.

What can folding carton equipment do for you?

Businesses of all shapes and sizes can reap the labor, material, and economic benefits of automated packaging solutions.

You can get immediate positive cash flow from the savings generated by buying flow pack packaging equipment, whether using that capital budget or leasing. And additional tax breaks are available. Make sure to check with your tax advisor to determine how this might affect your business.

Things to consider while choosing filling and packaging equipment

The cost:

When choosing used folding carton equipment, it is necessary to analyze the price-performance ratio of each specific model. Correlate the cost of the equipment with the profitability of your production and calculate the approximate payback period of the selected machine. This criterion will determine how profitable this or that equipment is specifically for your company.


First of all, the performance of the machines must meet the production volumes of your company. With a small production volume, you should not buy expensive high-performance equipment, which will lead to meaningless downtime of facilities and increased maintenance and energy costs. Conversely, if your company’s production volumes are high, you should not skimp on packaging machines. Equipment with a limited production speed will either not provide an opportunity for increasing productivity or will completely slow down this process.

Folding Capabilities

Folding carton equipment comes with many tools depending on the folding and gluing required. Think about the various types of cartons you need to produce, and make sure you choose equipment that has tools for different folding configurations and sealing.

Make sure you check the safety

Safety ratings must be checked when you’re researching packing equipment. After all, several people are considering packaging automation because they need to decrease the cost of injuries.

Don’t forget to take training expenses into account. How much training does your staff need to be able to use the equipment properly? And will the manufacturer give that as part of the purchase price?

Service availability

Having a service center in the region of your location is an undeniable advantage. This significantly reduces the risks of prolonged production downtime and associated financial losses due to unforeseen equipment breakdowns. Nearby service centers allow regular maintenance and adjustment of filling and packaging equipment, which extends the service life of the machines and reduces the likelihood of their failure.

Advantages of folding carton equipment

Reduce labor costs:

Obviously, replacing manual functions with an automated machine will reduce your labor costs. Take a stretch wrap, for example, to eliminate manual pallet wrapping.

To uncover less obvious ways to reduce labor costs, a knowledgeable equipment technician can view your entire job from start to finish. This includes conducting a comprehensive time study and reviewing all the factors that affect the efficiency of your packaging operations.

Did you hire workers to help set up boxes for production? It might be time to take a look at the installer case. Box bottoms can also be attached to this equipment and can be easily integrated into a production line.

Increase efficiency:

Are your forklift operators wasting valuable idle time around the tension wrap, waiting for the load to complete its wrapping? The double turntable effectively ensures that the second pallet is packed and ready to move to its destination while the next load is packed.

Or, if employees double-handle loads to move them to the scale after wrapping, you can eliminate these additional handling costs by integrating the scale directly into the stretch wrap.

These are just a few of how used folding carton equipment can provide significant cost savings and efficiency in your packaging operations.

Folding cartons machines are a precious asset to the packaging industry in more than one way. Always buy packing machines from a reputable company

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