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All you need to know about Beach Glass Beads



When you’re looking for a beach, relaxed or nautical touch you may love beach glass beaded bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.


Beach glass is a special kind of glass that’s often collected from the shorelines of the beach most often in large jars which are turned into beautiful pieces of jewelry.


If you’re intrigued and would like to know more about the beach glass beads and how they are formed, then keep reading further.

Beach Glass beads – Origin

Glass has been used to create several works of art and jewelry for hundreds of years. Beads made from glass are dated far back to the Roman era.

How Are Beach Glass Beads Made?

Interestingly, the process of making beach glass beads has changed from the time of its inception. These amazing beads are made by the People of Korobo, Ghana in Africa.


The powder glass beads are made by crushing glass to a fine powder and heating it so that the particles can fuse. The glass is then poured into clay molds, with a cassava leaf stem used to make the hole.


After which, it’s baked in an oven, and the glass fuses while the cassava stem burns up. This technique has been used in Africa for centuries to make the finest artificial beach glass beads you’d ever find.

How Does Beach Glass Form?

Beach glasses, just as the name implies, are formed from glasses recycled from beaches along oceans, seas, bays, and large rivers.


The process of obtaining beach glass begins when glass bottles, jars, glasses, plates, windows, windshields, or ceramics are being trashed into the ocean, sea, rivers, and other water bodies.


As the water tumbles, these glasses are being weathered into fine texture after a long time by the action of glaciers and waves on the water body. As sand etches the surface of the glass, it becomes frosted in texture.


They eventually wash up on the beaches as gemstones of varying colors, shapes, and textures. They are then collected for decoration, most commonly in jewelry.

Handmade Beach Glass Jewelry


Whether you decide to wear necklaces or bracelets, beach glass jewelry adorns you with a casual relaxed piece of jewelry. The pieces of jewelry made with beach glass have soft color, are fun to wear with a feeling of being by the sea. Collect many pieces and layer them and they will become your favorite!


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