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All in One Car Polish: Maintain The Original Shine of Your Car!


A new car always looks shiny and brilliant. However, due to continuous use and lack of care, scratches and dents inevitably appear on the car body. In addition, if your vehicle spends a considerable amount of time in the open air, the external environment adversely affects its appearance. Even brushing off dust or snow from the body with a brush leaves micro-scratches that become visible at close range. You can use all-in-one car polish to restore the former shine and protect the paintwork. Let’s know more about it.

The purpose of auto car care products is simple and straightforward- to make rough surface scratches smooth and shiny. If the car body has lost its former appearance or the owner just wanted to refresh it, proper polishing will do it. However, polishing is a time taking process. It can take 3-4 hours to polish a car properly and get the desired results.

Execution Technology

 Professionals perform high-quality polishing in several stages:

  • Surface Preparation

It includes drying, cleaning, identifying the most defective areas and scratches, degreasing the surface, sizing with tape. After this, apply polishing clay to a clean body. This will remove all remaining garbage.

  • Grinding With Abrasive Paste

At this stage, you need to eliminate deep scratches. The abrasive removes paintwork up to seven microns thick. Specialists use polishing discs, on which an abrasive paste is applied. This is a time-consuming process, which requires specific skills. It is necessary not only to eliminate scratches but also to maintain the paintwork.

  • Restorative Sanding With Fine Abrasive Paste

In this process, professionals eliminate minor risks and scratches. They use protective sanding with a non-abrasive paste. To finish polishing, take soft polishing wheels in black and blue colors.

How many times should you use All In One car polish?

If we talk about high-quality abrasive polishing, it all depends on the thickness of the paintwork. On average, the thickness of the varnish layer is 30 microns.After painting, it is recommended to wait 3-4 weeks until the paintwork is completely dry.

Choosing All In One Car Polish

When choosing a all in one car polish, it is necessary first to assess the condition of the paintwork. If the car is practically new or the body is only slightly cloudy, you need to choose a polishing paste with a low content of abrasive particles or not contain the latter. To restore the paintwork, you need to pre-treat the body with a polish with high abrasive elements. It is necessary to know that the polish properties largely depend on the components that make up the polishing paste. Protective polishes based on waxes and silicones are easy to apply and also easy to remove. After two or three visits to the car wash, you need to have car polishing.

In terms of durability, polymer polishing pastes undoubtedly win and, importantly, not at the expense of quality. You must apply such polishing compounds once every six months. But the cost of such polishing pastes is much higher than wax and silicone analogs. In addition, their application is more time-consuming, so the time spent on polishing with polymer compounds is significantly longer.

We all know that the car’s paintwork is easily covered with microcracks and visible defects. If you ignore the problem, it may spoil the overall appearance of the vehicle. Therefore, using Auto Car Care Products has some apparent benefits-

  • The shiny appearance of the car,
  • Eliminate all scratches from the car body and
  • Your car looks fantastic.

Glass Polishing

Car windows are constantly exposed to unfavorable materials, such as ordinary sand. Car glass polishing is a relatively inexpensive procedure. The price of this type of work in a car service center varies depending on the work complexity. Technologically, this process is no more complicated than conventional abrasive polishing, which means you can carry it out independently.

To ensure that the polishing process extends only to the vehicle’s glass surfaces, it is necessary to cover the remaining elements of the car with a protective film. Before proceeding to the process itself, it is recommended first to wash the glass wall and then circle the problem areas with a marker on the inside.



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