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A-Z Of Transmission In Your Car

Automatic and standard transmission repairs

A car is made up of a large number of parts. While every part is important, there are few components that are more important than others, and one of the most important parts of any car is its transmission. It is the part that gets your car moving. Let’s try to understand what exactly transmission is.

What is a transmission?

Transmission is a part responsible for adjusting the gear ratio between engine and wheels for an optimal balance of engine power and vehicle performance. To break it down in simpler terms, consider yourself driving the cycle uphill, it is obviously tough, but when you change gears, it feels as if it gets easier. It doesn’t boost up your speed yet helps you drive faster. Actually, it helps you channelize the energy in a better way. Transmission is the same for any vehicle. The engine produces a similar amount of power, but how that energy gets distributed is based on transmission. It determines that the right amount of energy goes through wheels and gives the required speed. There are majorly 4 types of transmissions that exist in the world like manual, automatic, continuously variable transmission, and semi-automatic / dutch-clutch transmission, but the modern world has shifted majorly to 2 choices, manual and automatic. There is a huge difference in preference of America and Europe and Asia. While Europe and Asia have more than 80% of cars with manual transmission, America’s 95% of cars sold have automatic transmission.

How to take care of transmission?

The first and foremost thing to keep transmission under check is to get it regularly serviced. You can easily find good transmission service in winter park, FL. Just makes sure you aim to save just a few pennies. You don’t hand your precious cars to any random amateur; rather, always make a point to find an expert. Transmission experts in winter park, FL, are generally prime people that you should go to for a car check-up. They will surely guide you in the best possible manner and can help you out and give you the best care tips for your car. Along with an expert, there are multiple things you can do right to make sure transmission problems don’t arise that often-

  • Check your transmission fluid periodically- in most cases, and it is quite easy to check the fluid, just take out the dipstick, wipe it off and then insert it back again and take it out again. If the liquid has a sweet smell and is bright red in color, you are good to go, but if there that is not the case, consult an expert.
  • Use the right transmission fuel- if you are spending light on transmission fuel, be prepared to spend heavily on your vehicle repair.
  • Don’t change gears while the car is moving- always bring the car in a motionless position before changing any gear because failing to do so will put an unnecessary strain on your vehicle.
  • Regularly change transmission filter- many people are unaware of the fact that there is a filter present in your car. But it is very important and needs to be changed from time and again. It isn’t based on how frequently your car is used. Rather design and model have a huge role to play in it.
  • Warm your car before you drive- not many people have a practice of leaving the car on for a while before actually driving, but it helps in warming up of engine, especially during winter months. Thus, few minutes of warming it up to help in the long run.

Where to go if the transmission goes bad?

You can always have a bad day when your car ditch you out and your car’s transmission give up. As scary as it sounds, the whole experience can be a big headache for anyone. For anyone living in Orlando, the scare might be a bit less considering that there are good transmission experts in winter park, FL, and if your car is in moving condition try to reach Orlando. There are multiple transmission service providers in winter park, FL. they are equipped to pinpoint and isolate the root problem of transmission and other vehicle problems. Many times finding the cause of buck, slip, or shape is the most tiring part of the job, and well, once the problem is found, a good technician can guide you through all your options, and you can make a choice of what to do.


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