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A Quick Guide To Glass Water Bongs


Glass bongs are one of the most used and traditional devices available on the market for smoking. They display crafted works and comes in a number of styles, designs, colors, and textures. Some bongs are simple that comes with simple glass pipes or hookahs. On the other hand, some are quite complicated to access as they contain a complex style, look, or features. However, bongs are still considered the delight and elegant way for smoking and have a higher fan base.   


Along with the traditional bongs, modern bongs have also created their unique image on the market. They have evolved from hookahs which were originated sometime in the 16th century. As people start smoking, hookah became a trend. And just the way hookah have created an effective image, the use of bongs spread as the use of herbs spread. 


There is a lot to know about water glass bongs like it has a small history, it has its own advantages, and there are things that you must consider before buying high-quality glass bongs. In this write-up, we have concluded quick and short information about water bongs; take a look!


How Does Bong Work ?


Glass bongs come with different parts, including a stem, a bowl, a downstream, and a base into which water is stored. Once you pack herbs or the suitable material and light up, a deep inhalation will draw the smoke through the water and up the tube- the trunk. 


Here, when the smoke travels through the water, certain kinds of molecules and particles get trapped in water that simply reduces the harshness of the hit. If we compare bongs with normal smoking devices- bongs are less likely to burn. 


Benefits of Glass Bong:


According to market reports, there are a number of benefits of glass water bongs; let’s take a look!


The first and foremost benefit of glass water bong is its performance. It is because glass water bongs are typically exposed to extreme moisture and heat as they are used. Also, glass water bongs are strong enough for pressure which means they do not warp, crack or split even after a year of use. 


The second incredible benefit of glass bong is that they do not change the flavor of your herb or the material you are using.


Moving on, glass water bongs are completely reusable. If you are extremely careful and keep your bong with proper care, then it will last for a longer period. That way, you will never have to worry about running to the store to get the new wrap again and again. 


Another amazing benefit of glass water bong is that it provides major water filtration also. In simple words, you can call it a strong game-changer for people who love to smoke on a regular basis. Moreover, glass water bong can also filter out unnecessary chemicals. 


Types Of Bongs:


Though there is a wide range of bongs available on the market, we have highlighted the most common names here; take a look!


The Straight Shooter:


The straight shooter is just a tube with the right number of holes to burn the herbs or the substance you are having. It can be used with or without water, but it depends on the bowl. Moreover, a straight shooter helps you get the immediate effects. 




These are not bongs but are conflated as the same. In a hookah, coals heat the herbs on top of the bubble chamber, and when the user pulls on the breathing tube, the coils heat up, burn the herb, and the smoke is pulled through the water that gives a thick and smooth smoking experience. 


Glass Bongs:


Glass bongs are popular bongs that come with excellent insulating qualities. Its unique design makes it perfect for delivering cool hits on the bong. 


Moving on, while buying any type of bong for a smooth experience, ensure to research about it properly and look for the reputed store or seller to buy the high-quality bong. Only good quality glass water bong can ensure the best smoking experience, so invest a few minutes in researching and finding the best product. 


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