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A Guide to Becoming a Professional Escort

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If you are considering a career in the escort industry, then you need to have proper knowledge about the industry. Maybe after spending a few good years with an agency you might want to venture into being an independent luxury companion or being associated with an agency full of beautiful Toronto escorts.

Escorts are the professionals who offer their companionship in return for the clients’ money. The companionship might evolve in being a sexual one depending upon the client and the escorts. If one has a particular taste, then they can hire an independent luxury companion or scroll through the multiple options available from the beautiful Toronto escorts.

You need to follow a few steps to become a professional escort. Although, there is no hard and fast rule of becoming an escort. But it is always good to follow a few steps to become a good professional escort.

Steps for becoming a professional escort

1. Join an agency

Before starting your career as an escort, you need to join an escort agency. It is always beneficial to be a part of the industry and understanding how it functions before venturing out on your own. Though the agencies take a portion of your income as their commission, they do offer certain perks. For example, agencies handle all your bookings and appointments, running a background check on the clients. A good agency provides several other benefits as well, like offering a safe working environment to its employees.

2. Choose a name and photoshoot

Many escorts use their fake name in the escorts industry. Though your original name and other information are available with your agency, you can use your alibi name for functioning in the industry.

Before choosing your agency, you need to get your photoshoot done professionally. This is done to build your portfolio. So you can send it to the desired agency for the screening process. Many agencies offer professional photoshoots to their associated escorts.

Marketing yourself plays an important role in scoring clients. So, you have to advertise yourself on social media and other escorting websites. You should not rely only on your agency to bring in clients. For this purpose, it is important to get your professional photoshoot done as soon as you enter the industry.

3. Check the law of the country

Before venturing into the professional world, you should always go through the laws drafted by your country for your profession. You can contact your local sex worker NGOs and activists to know about it. It is also important to pay your taxes on time based on the income generated by you. If your country has a specific procedure for escorts, then you need to follow that. The procedure might involve getting your license, etc.

4. Follow the Protocol

Once you have joined the escorts industry, then you need to follow the protocol and work within the given boundaries. You need to dress as per the occasion and the requirements of the client. Also, you have to be on time and function with poise and charm at the events.

You should always ask your clients to make the payment in advance. In case the advance payment is not made, then you should make the payment before entering into the venue with your client. Another rule of functioning in the escort industry is that you need to be professional all the time and not give in to your desires.

As an escort, you have to be innocent, assertive and set the boundaries before venturing into the contract.

5. Your safety is up to you

Of course, the escort agency that you are associated with offers you a sense of security. But your safety is always in your own hands. You should always use protection while having intercourse with the client. Some agencies offer the client and the escort reports about each other sexual health. If you are in doubt of the sexual health of your client, then immediately ask for the report. It is better to be extra sure than to get STD, isn’t it?

Always be up to date with your physical, mental, and sexual health. Therefore, go to doctors 3-4 times to get yourself checked. Join the gym or take on any outdoor activity to maintain your physical health. The escort business is a lonely profession, you might be a companion for others, but you will find difficulty in finding your companion. So, to keep yourself mentally happy, build relationships with other escorts and meet with them often to relieve your professional stress.

The life of an escort is never easy. Despite following all the protocols, you might find yourself in awkward situations. So, the key to being a professional escort is to leave if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe.


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