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A Guide On How To Select a Good Lift Rental


If you are into construction, then you should know that lifts are powerful tools. The various types of construction lifts or lifting machines feature a large working space that is usually supported by a vehicle-mounted extension. They can perform several heavy-duty jobs from moving materials during the pre-construction stage to lifting workers to various areas during final stages and inspections.

Different industrial tasks will require you to get the right aerial tool from a professional lift rental in Columbus. Proper research beforehand can help you select the perfect piece of equipment for a specific purpose, saving you time and cost. This article exposes you to the major types of lifts and what to consider to choose the right equipment to meet your needs.

Types of Lifts For Rent

Knowing the different types of lifts for the rental is a great way to further understand what applies to any construction project. Below are some of the major lifts you can rent in Columbus.

1. Telehandlers

One of the major lifts that are suitable for landscaping, material handling, and construction is the telehandler. Also known as the telescopic handler is a durable construction tool with four-wheel drive capabilities for efficiency and rugged terrain. This type of lift has a load capacity ranging from 5,500 to 12,000 pounds.

2. Scissor Lifts

Another type of lift you can get on a rent basis is the scissor lift. A professional scissor lift rental in Columbus can make construction easier and ensures you get the right one to meet your requirement. These lifts consist of a working system that a hydraulic system can raise or lower, supporting load capacity from 500 pounds to 1,200 pounds.

3. Boom Lifts

Boom lifts or cherry pickers are versatile lifts with a height range between 30 and 180 feet. Depending on what you need the construction equipment for, you can choose between straight boom lifts and articulated models. A good Boom Lift Rental in Columbus can provide an articulated cherry picker and straight boom lifts for different purposes.

Choosing the Right Lift For Construction

When looking for a lift for construction, you may face difficulty finding the right one for the job. While size is a major factor in making a decision, there are other factors to consider. They are;

1. Safety Requirements

When visiting a reputable rental to choose your lift equipment, safety should be a major factor to look out for. Your operators need to have proper training, and they should have experience working with the type of lift you rent. More so, your team must have an understanding of the operating lifts on the job site.

2. Job Site Conditions

The work site is very important in choosing the equipment. Is your terrain steep and tricky, or is it delicate and soft? The responses to these questions will help you determine the type of lift you need for the job.

3. Power Source Compatibility

You may not know, but various construction lifts use varying power sources. For a lot of lifts, diesel is a popular choice and is quite available. However, if you are used to working indoors, you will need lifts that use electric motors for quiet situations.

4. Number of People

Another thing to consider is the number of capable personnel on the worksite, especially the right number needed to operate your most preferred lift. You also need to check that the equipment is large enough for your workforce. With multiple workers at your service, you need a lift with a higher weight capacity or larger workspace.

5. Necessary Height

The height you will be working at, as well as the location of the work, will determine the necessary design of your most preferred construction lift. If you need to maneuver some obstacles to get to a certain height, you will need an articulated cherry picker.

On the hand, you can contact a scissor lift rental in Columbus for an ideal scissors lift for overhead jobs. A telehandler is most preferred for outreach applications.


Choosing a professional lift rental in Columbus for great lift equipment rental products will be easier with the help of an expert. Besides the various lifts, you can get from a professional, they also offer flexible working contracts to ensure you only pay for the equipment you need. However, if you are not certain of what you need, an experienced team can guide you.


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