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A Complete Set of Flatware


Today we need forks, knives, and spoons to eat and serve every meal. The flatware set contains all the utensils needed for eating and serving. Simple family meals require only a spoon, fork, and knife, while many formal dinners require several specialized pieces. Whatever its shape, materials, and variety, a complete flatware set has sufficient cutlery for all diners in the meal.

Flatware Sets

A decade back, people were given a collection of table cutlery sets as gifts on many occasions. These were boxes of expensive reddish-brown wood, with a velvet-textured lining and sections for each flatware piece. These flatware sets were frequently fabricated from stainless steel and usually contained pieces for eight people or place settings. Modern-day flatware sets are typically made of stainless steel, although silver is still available. There are four place settings in these sets, although extra place settings and sometimes separate pieces are available. And generally, people give a black cutlery set as a luxurious gift made of stainless steel.

Traditional Settings

The traditional everyday flatware set has six place settings, each with seven pieces of silverware. Diners use table knives and forks for main courses, soup spoons for soup and broth, and dessert spoons, forks, and knives for dessert, although dessert forks and knives are also suitable for salad courses. The teaspoon is the final piece used for any hot drinks served at the end of a meal.

There are additional three pieces of flatware for more formal events. Fish knife and fork are used for fish or any seafood, and a coffee spoon for coffee at dinner. Leaving the spoon exclusively for use when drinking hot beverages. All forks, knives, and spoons of table cutlery set are of a different shape and size related to the food served.


Meals in contemporary life tend to be less formal than traditional meals and typically consist of some main courses and diners than special occasions. A modern silverware set has four place settings, each with only five cutlery pieces. The set includes a table fork and spoon for the main course, a salad and dessert knife, a teaspoon, and a dessert spoon. Most contemporary black cutlery sets are stainless steel, which is easier to clean than silver and dishwasher-friendly. These flatware sets are very imposing for guests at dinner parties. They are very luxurious, sturdy, reliable, and suitable to use on occasional feasts.


Traditional silverware sets consist of one or two serving spoons and are frequently sold as an addition to modern sets. Other cutlery items may be spare to a silverware set, although they are not certainly considered the main part of a complete set. There are butter spreaders for spreading butter on bread and butter knives for removing butter from butter dishes and cheese knives. Special forks include oyster forks, meat forks, and pastry forks. Serving utensils, such as fish servers, salad servers, soup ladles, pie and sugar tongs, cake servers, and sauce spoons, are also additions to an elementary flatware set.


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