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A Complete Guide on Comp Cards Printing

where to print comp card
where to print comp card

If you’re starting as a model, you may have received demands for your comp card from casting agents or clients. Continue reading to learn why a comp card is one of the essential items to bring to casting and how to make one for yourself. The model’s business card is a comp card or composite card that is used to give brief information about them. It includes basic details such as your name, measurements, photographs, and contact information. It makes it easier for casting directors or clients to remember who you are and who to contact if you get the job.

What is a Comp Card?

A business card is substantially smaller than a regular style comp card. It’s about the size of a comp card. A5 (5.5′′ x 8.5′′) is the standard size, and it is commonly printed double-sided. It features the model’s name, statistics, and a headshot on one side. The model’s features should be visible in the headshot. Clients may believe that the agency conceals a fault if the model’s face is hidden.

A model’s portfolio needs around 4-6 pictures on the other side of the comp card. The chosen photographs should demonstrate the model’s versatility. This will serve as a model’s little portfolio. The contact information for the agency is usually located on this side of the comp card as well.

Where is a Comp card used?

Frequently, job requests arrive at the agency searching for a specific type of model. Consider a woman with blonde hair. The booker will assemble all models that suit this description’s comp cards and send them to the client. The client will choose who they wish to cast or select based on the comp cards. As a result, the images on the comp card should showcase the model’s most significant work.

A model should always bring their portfolio book and comp card for casting. The client will read through the portfolio book and request a comp card during casting. The customer can use the comp card to track who they want to shortlist and which agency represents them. You can get comp cards from the best headshot printing places with various designs.

When Should Your Comp Card Be Updated?

The model’s comp card images should represent their current appearance. The comp card is revised if a model’s look has changed significantly, like hair length or color. If newer and better photos are available, the images will also need to be replaced with magazine covers, international fashion shows, major campaigns, etc.

Your booker is the best person to decide which images to put on the comp card. They have the knowledge and experience in the industry to know what types of photos will work and help them land model jobs.

comp card printing
comp card printing

Who needs these comp cards?

Essentially, comp card printing is similar to business cards. They’re a low-cost, high-impact approach to making a solid first impression, demonstrating your skills professionally, and sharing your contact information with agencies, scouts, clients, photographers, and other industry experts. Composite cards are required for any serious model about their business, whether it be commercial, fashion, plus-size, or any other sort of modeling. Keep in mind that if you plan on doing different types of modeling, you’ll need a different comp card for each one.

Important Information on the modeling comp card

Your comp card should have all of the vital information that agencies, scouts, and clients need to know about you, like the name, measurements, height, hair color, eye color, shoe size, dress size, and the images. Most importantly, include contact information for your agency if you’re contracted with one or yourself. If people can’t reach you, you’ll never get booked!

Choosing the photos for the Comp card

If an agent represents you, they’ll likely assist you in selecting the photographs that best describe you. If you don’t have an agency yet, you’ll need to pick your photos carefully and maybe edit them until you discover the right mix that produces the greatest results.

So if you are looking for it and where to print comp cards. Your main image should be striking and engaging, with a “wow factor.” It is the most crucial image, so make the most of it! However, this does not imply that you can use any old photos for the remaining images. Despite their small size, they must provide a strong impression of your abilities and versatility to the viewer.


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