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8 Steps For Buying A Home

Buying a Home

In this blog, we discuss the steps for acquiring a house in Millis Massachusetts.

Do your research

This step is very crucial for buying the right home. You need a home that caters to your needs and that of your family. First of all, your home should be well situated. Unless you want otherwise, your home should be near necessary amenities like hospitals, banks, etc. One way to begin your research is to check websites, newspapers, or magazines that with real estate listings. You can also inquire through your friends and families.

If you have specific needs, let’s say you are elderly, you may want to look for Millis real estate for sale with 55+ communities. The homes are simple and designed to cater to the needs of people and families with members above 55 years.

Determine your budget

Buying a house is no small feat. The average price for a home in the US sits close to $500,000. If you don’t have this amount saved in your bank, you will have to get a mortgage loan- This is where budgeting and planning come in. You need to set realistic goals before acquiring a loan for your Millis Ma real estate– How quickly can you repay the loan? Will the process be convenient for you? It all depends on you. You will also have to make a down payment. This can range anywhere from 5-20% of the home’s price. Many lenders or institutions recommend that your loan shouldn’t be more than 3-5 times your annual household income.

Get pre-qualification and pre-approval

This is the first step you take before securing your loan. When you have found a lender, you need to provide financial information on your income, debt, assets, etc. The mortgage bank or lender will inform you of how much you can get based on your financial strength- That’s the pre-qualification stage. You will also have to provide other financial documents like your W-2 statements, bank account statements, and paycheck stubs before you get pre-approval for credit.

Find a real estate agent

In the world of housing, real estate agents have access to information generally hidden from the public. They know the best new home builders in Massachusetts, and they will help you secure the right home for you and your family. It is crucial that you find a good agent that will prioritize your needs and make the house-buying process as comfortable as it can be. If you can’t find a realtor through your friends and family, you can always search the web. You should look for an agent with good communication skills, experience, an in-depth understanding of the market, and someone who is trustworthy.

Make your offer

Your offer is a formal letter written to the seller that signifies your interest in a particular home. In most cases, the real estate agent writes the offer to the home buyer. The seller can either reject your offer, give a counteroffer or accept your offer. If your offer gets rejected, you can write another letter to the company with a better offer, or offer for another house. In any case, it is best to let your real estate agent manage the negotiations between you and the seller.

Get a home appraisal

In this stage, an appraiser determines the value of your prospective home. This step is done to protect the interests of the lender- they can’t give a loan that is worth more than the home. Buyers should include an appraiser contingency in their offer in case the home is valued less than your offer.

Get the home inspected

Having your home inspected is a crucial step before you purchase it. The inspection takes place between the time you make an offer and when you close the deal. Your real estate agent will get a third-party inspector to carry out a thorough inspection of the house. This gives you the chance to see if there are structural or material damages and areas that need repairs. It is the seller’s responsibility to make repairs. The inspector will provide a detailed report of his findings to you and the home builder. You can decide to renegotiate terms or withdraw the deal without incurring any penalties. Make sure to have a final walk through of your prospective home before closing the sale.

Close the sale

This is the last step of buying a house. It involves signing all paperwork such as the settlement statement, deed of trust, etc. You will also have to pay for closing costs ( application fees, closing fees, inspection, and other charges). When the seller receives payment from the lender, you officially become a homeowner.


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