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7 Things to Check Before Selecting AA Medallion

1-year aa medallion

AA medallions are significant for Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) members. These sobriety tokens celebrate your achievement of remaining sober for a specific time. For example, after accomplishing one year of sobriety, you can earn a 1-year AA medallion.

An AA medallion is crucial for motivating AA members to stay sober. It is essential to pick the right medallion to make it memorable. Make sure to check the following seven things before selecting an AA medallion:


The design of an AA medallion can enhance its meaning and value to the AA member. Standard AA medallions have the symbol of a circle and triangle on one side. It holds a deep significance.

Make sure that your medallion has these symbols. The circle represents the entire AA world. Meanwhile, the triangle signifies the Three Legacies of AA. These are recovery, unity, and service.

The medallion also shows the time you remained sober. For instance, a 5-year AA medallion displays the Roman numeral V within the frame. Additionally, you may customize the design to portray symbols that hold meaning to you, such as diamonds.


AA medallions come in several materials. Ensure to pick the one that matches your preference. Metal sobriety tokens such as bronze AA medallions may seem more valuable. It concretely establishes your days of sobriety.

Do you prefer a fancy AA medallion? You can choose the bling material. Some bling AA medallions also come with beautiful crystals. They shine brightly and encourage you to remain sober and sustain your shine.


AA members treasure AA medallions. These tokens act as tangible reminders of your accomplishment of staying sober. You are likely to cherish it for a long time. Make sure to choose an AA medallion that is of high quality.

Look for durable and sturdy AA medallions. They have to remain intact for several years. A broken medallion may dampen the spirits of AA members. It is crucial to avoid such situations. A good quality AA medallion remains by your side and constantly reminds you to stay strong.


AA medallions are available in various colors. Each commemorates a specific duration of your sobriety. For instance, a 1-year AA medallion comes in a bronze shade.  Make sure to check which color marks the completion of your period.

Some AA groups may use varying colors to mark different timeframes. You can also customize your AA medallion. Pick the color that you love. Do you associate specific colors with different moods or meanings? You can choose your medallion in the color that connects with you.


The cost of AA medallions is another essential factor to check. Look out for affordable options. You can find numerous sobriety tokens that fit within your budget. Make sure to research your options well and compare the prices.

It is vital to save costs if you are purchasing medallions for your entire AA group. Most support groups may not have adequate funds. Moreover, check if any suppliers offer discounts on AA medallions. Generally, you will receive discounts when you order AA medallions in bulk.

Ensure that you receive value for the amount you pay. Do not overlook quality in your quest to buy it at a lower cost. Search for AA medallions that come in good quality while being affordable.


You may not wish to hop around several shops to choose your AA medallion every time you shop. Since you need to purchase AA medallions with every accomplishment, it is best to choose a shop that has adequate availability. Check if the store has the designs you wish to acquire.

Additionally, ensure that it will not run out of stock when you need the medallions for your next milestone. If you are purchasing the tokens for your AA group, check if the store has enough medallions for every AA member.


It is essential to verify the store’s reputation from which you seek to buy your AA medallion. Every medallion is precious to the AA member. For instance, a 5-year AA medallion is valuable and stands as a mark of your commitment. You have to purchase it from a store that sells good quality AA medallions.

You can look for its online reviews or ask for references. Previous customers can help you know if the provider is reliable.

AA medallions hold a deep meaning to AA members. Look for the above factors before you purchase your AA medallion. It helps you choose the medallion that motivates you the best.


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